Best High Experience I've Had.

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  1. This isn't the most interesting story you'll ever see on this forum, but I thought i'd share it nevertheless. It has to be the best time high I've ever had.

    I woke up early, ready for a good day. I met up with a few freinds and we got a train to blundelsands/crosby. We walk round, looking for a place to smoke when we turn a corner and see the most amazing view you'll ever see. The beach was gleaming and there was hardly any wind. Perfect. We find a place to sit and light up. Now, I'd never tried Super Lemon Haze before but the great taste of it stayed in my mouth for hours. We walked around for a bit after that, getting some food and drinks. Then we made our way back to the beach.

    We found a picture perfect spot. We were sat on a sand dune. The skyline merged infront of us seemlessly. You wouldn't be able to tell where the water ended and the sky started if it wasn't for the mountains in the view. We lit up again. This time the weed was so much better, i don't know why, but spliff after spliff the more i lost control and the more lemony it got. We sat there for hours, talking to passers by which were few and far and just generaly having a great time. We ended up leaving when it was just about going dark. The view was still as amzing as when we first saw it, the wind as still aswell. Amazing.

    Feel free to share your best time you have ever had. :smoke:
  2. Thats what life is all about.. The memories....
  3. Ahh, that sounds like an amazing way to enjoy this wonderful weather we've been having. Hearing a story like that makes me want to get out to the countryside more...
  4. I like to get high, sit in my car with the moon roof down and just watch the stars.
  5. A 1/2oz of hawaiian punch around a campfire on a beach with just me, my guy friend and three chicks.. oh yeah and two 26's of captain mo's.

    Best night ever.
  6. I can't really recall any perfect smoking moments where the weather and scenery is gorgeous. But if I had to mention something, it'd probably be just riding around the river all day on our pontoon boat with some friends with some beers and blunts, and riding jet ski's, tubing, playing volleyball on party cove. Sounds pretty good actually, but I wasnt the person who got drunk as fuck and passed out on the boat for hours and got sunburn from hell
  7. These all sound like such nice memories. It's weird how, no matter how often or how much you smoke, there are always just one or two experiences that really stand out.
    I've got a couple myself, the first was when I met two friends in the morning before school and we went to the park and smoked in the trees by the lake, and we spent like half an hour just watching the steam from the lake evaporating. Then we went to school and I had first period with one of them, and halfway through class we decided we wanted a sandwich so we skipped 2nd and 3rd period, got sandwiches from a cafe and went back to the park and lay down on the grass and had a picnic. It was such a nice, sunny day, and we were just lying around on the grass relaxing and I kept remembering how I used to come to the same park during the summer when I was kid and I would ride my bicycle down the lane and play in the sand pit. I got so nostalgic!

    The other time, my best friend and I took some shrooms and then smoked, and then we went on this epic journey in the forest behind my house. It felt like we spent days (although it was only a few hours) battling through this like dense forest and making a path through all the trees and ferns and stuff, and then all of a sudden the forest suddenly clears up and there's like this beautiful green lake with lilypads and flowers on it, and next to it is a white gazebo with a white metal table and white chairs, and there's an inflatable raft and oar on the path next to the lake. It was so hauntingly beautiful, and a little eerie, I just can't describe how amazing it felt to go from this dense rough forest to suddenly find this beautiful little clearing! We just sat there for hours and smoked more and relaxed, it was so amazing.
  8. Wow, I know I would've loved to be in the OP's situation.
  9. I got high and climed into a really posh gol course at night and bugged out next to a palm tree

    We ran around and looked at the stars and tripped big time. Then snuck back indoors stole some food and ran back out.
  10. I have a similar story, my three buddies and I went camping and when we arrived we decided the next day that we were going to hike to a spot that only one of us knew of and had smoked at before. So we went on a four hour hike to this spot, smoking on the way when we would find good spots.

    Here are some descriptions of the spots on the way. A log on top of a tiny hill that oversaw the forest and the path we came from you could see the sun leaking through the trees and no sign of civilization aside from the path that nobody crossed while we were there.

    Then there was a bridge made out of a log that was super skinny like you could barely fit your feet on over a river. I'm glad there was a guard rail but I didn't get on it until we had to cross because I don't much like hikes.

    But throughout we found similar spots to the first I mentioned but none were as breathtaking as the end. It looked like something from a book really. There was a path that left an area where some loggers were and we could see one hill at the end of the path with like two trees and some people were camped out so we had to wait a bit then they left so we went up this path. The place itself wasn't very impressive looking though shards of glass and shit from previous campers. It was windy as fuck up there but I was to far back to see why this place was awesome. We kept walking and then the edge came into view and you could see miles and miles of trees and the mountains in the distance. We couldn't manage to smoke because it was so windy but we just stood there talking about the view and shit it was great probably one of the coolest things I saw high. I'm glad we smoked right before we got up there:smoke:

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