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Best High Ever

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jayeveryday, May 21, 2010.

  1. Alright guys bear with me in this story. So I smoked a bowl today I have a low tolerance, I was high as fuck. So my proms this weekend and I know its gay but my mom got me an appointment to get my haircut from this professional place. So I ride with my sister just jammin out to music enjoying every second. I get there and this super hot chick brings me over to the hair tub thing and starts washing my hair. Its a nice place so I got my hair conditioned and shampooed and it felt amazing. Then she takes me over to the seat where I meet this other super hot hair dresser my sisters friends with who called me cute. Anyways I get my hair cut and I'm sitting there just thinking and thinking. And I start wondering what if a hair salon was like a doctors office. Like they had one master or doctor hair stylist that was the elite boss and then other above average hair cutters (nurses). And these nurses cut your hair to around what you wanted and then the doc comes in and fixes it up perfect. Then I was just sitting there thinking good thoughts till I started feeling each piece of hair being cut. It felt amazing and I started thinking what if in the future of hair cutting it became like a science. As she parted my hair away to work in one particular secion I started thinking what if the whole head of hair was like a grid and like 100 boxes grided out that each had a letter number denomination like B4 and D6. And they targeted each section and worked on it sorta like a dentist has weird things they yell out to the nurse lady for each tooth to work on. And the cuts came out perfectly everytime. Then we paid peaced out and drove home with some quality tunes. Best high. :smoke:
    Addition: I'm still high after that and while writing this and I just clicked submit and my internet was going slow so I knew it was gonna say "Webpage cannot be displayed" so at the very last second I clicked control a control c to copy really quick thank god I'm high or else I wouldve have been so quick and would've had to write all this all over again.
  2. In addition to addition you should have a summary one, that's a big chunk you got there.
  3. I have to try getting my hair cut high one of these days. ;)
  4. Nice grammar level you have there, bud. :p
  5. sorry im high
  6. sounds like a little kid that just had his first haircut....sounds like you had fun
  7. Wow man, you really were high, i wish i still went through those mental gymnastics haha, thinking about revolutionary ideas that only make sense when your high
  8. there is many things that only make sense when your high

    and i think that is one of them...its a really long story

    but im glad you had fun :hello:
  9. haha i know im sorry its so long it was a good time though
  10. Lol I wish I still got that high.. And stayed high for that long of a time.. After 1 bowl.. It takes me like .8 to get blazed

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