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  1. Everyone knows that bathrooms are funny as hell, especially when high, so share your stories.

    On Friday my buddy, T, and I went to the bathroom in Walmart and there were 2 urinals and 2 stalls so we occupied the urinals and there was someone in one of the stalls. While I was peeing I kept hearing the stall-guy making noises. I heard him fart and I heard his poop drop and I thought it was the funniest thing ever, so I started chuckling which got T to chuckling too. After a while I started to calm down a bit, but he let a HUUUUGE one rip and I bursted out laughing and so did T. I had to stop mid-piss and leave the bathroom because I couldn't contain myself anymore :hello::hello::hello:
  2. Going into Salem on Halloween baked out of out minds we get off the first train and go into the station to get on the commuter rail. we go to take a piss and when we walk into the bathroom theres an extremely hot chick in a really slutty cop uniform bent over a sink getting spanked by a dude dressed as the burger king. Funniest shit everrr. we all started cracking up including them. Salem on Halloween will never disappoint.
  3. misunderstanding between me and my friend. I thought we were going to hotbox a public restroom with a lock on the door, turned out he was going to pee.
    nuff said
  4. Tripped balls in Salem this past year on Halloween.

    But a good "high bathroom story" from me would be getting stoned and skipping school in the bathroom, sittin on a toilet for 2+ hours while listening to people talk, sell drugs, and shit.
  5. One time me nd my friends were in wendy's nd i said "hey u know what would be funny as hell?" and my friend asked what and I said "If we go hotbox the fuck outta the bathroom and ditch"
    So i went in there and rolled up a fat joint and we took that to the head and then we walk outta the bathroom laughin,redfaced,smoke billowing out. And there was a cop sitting in the dining room eating a hamburger, lol. We walked straight outta that place and ran across the street to the mall.:smoking:
  6. haha last night i was toking in my shower when i decided i would take a shit. I sat myself down and my muscles werent reacting so i started pushing harder and harder when all of a sudden the muscles reacted. It was the loudest shit ive ever hears and it woke up everyone in my house
  7. haha smoking in the bathroom is all i used to do for awhile.

    We have 2 sets of bathrooms at our public park, i used to go with a friend to one of them for awhile because we had no where else to smoke. We would be paranoid as shit most of the time because it was public, but no one really went to it.

    One day though my friend and i smoked about 2 pretty big bowls from his bubbler, and as i got done with my share i told him i would go out and like get my car started or something like that, i get really stupid random ideas while high. Anyway, i walk out and turn the corner and there is a dad and his kid walking toward the bathroom. I was like "oh shit i hafta tell J!" so i turn around open then door walk like 3/4 of the way in and im like someones like 20 feet away coming here, hurry and get that shit done." So i walked in now and J was done and dumped his bubbler and threw the bag away and we open the door to the guy and his kid, and were just kinda like.. hi.. and then walk away. Pretty sure he didnt care, hes a pretty cool guy. Still sketchy as fuck though
  8. lol, this was new years eve. my friends and i always go to the bathroom if we have something private to talk about. well a friend and i went to the bathroom to smoke. everyone followed. we ended up shoving 5 people in the tub and basically clambaked in there. we were so high we could hardly get out of the tub:smoking:
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    So this chick I was chillin with had never smoked before. It was me, her, and my roommate. So she gets blitzed out of her mind, right? And then she has to go pee. So she goes into our bathroom. After a couple minutes, we hear "Hey guuuys?" from the bathroom. I'm like "yeah?". She's like "can you come help me?"

    So I go over there, and I stop outside the door, and I'm like, whats up? She says "the toilet paper's broken!"

    I'm thinking "wtf is she talking about" (I was pretty blazed at this point too). So I asked her what she meant. She said no toilet paper would come out, and that she needed help. So I go in there and she's hitting the toilet paper roll repeatedly, and it is spinning aorund. But it was on backwards, so no paper was coming off. I fell on the floor laughing, got up after a minute, flipped the TP around for her, and left. She was ok after that :)
  10. Took a shit in the shower, thought it was the toilet. Also, airplane bathrooms are fucking hilarious. You will spend 20 minutes laughing how small the bathroom is then forget where the fuck you are.
  11. hmm have lots hah. perhaps the time before a soccer game I took a huge shit in the opposing schools toilet and clogged it up cold. then members of the opposing team tried to go in there after me and were complaining loudly to their coach that the bathroom was all fucked up
  12. This one time after a movie. My friend alex and i are right next to each other at the urinals and the washroom is PACKED. So i decide to play a trick on my friend. i yell out QUIT LOOKING AT MY DICK, FAG!! and EVERYONE loooks. I run out before he could say anything. Needless to say my friend was not very happy.

    Also in high school i liked to turn off the lights on ppl taking a shit. I later found out i did it to a friend. Hilarity insued.
  13. These are all such good stories :hello:

    My roommate and I were baked as hell strolling through the Haight, we just finished up eating at this mexican restaurant.

    Still baked out of our minds he went into the bathroom and on the way out, didn't realize the door was a sliding door, he kept trying to push it open, and it wouldnt budge. And I yelled to him to slide it open and he didn't hear me, so he kept pushing and rammed right through it! haha, I was bustin up so hard I couldn't believe that shit happened.
  14. I wasn't high at the time, but when I was in high school I was in a bathroom stall, and two people come in to use the urinals. I recognize their voices, and I know that one of them is black and the other one is Asian. After a couple of seconds of silence, I hear the Asian guy say, "Is that real?!" I had a good laugh at that one.
  15. me and a couple guys were at a hotel for a convention, and we had to smoke in the bathroom and were in a hurry...

    lo and behold one of them had to take a massive dump before hand, haha
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    This was before me and my friend started smoking, so it's technically not a high story... we were like 13 and we were in a Wal-Mart and we went to use the bathroom. Over the past couple of days we had invented our own language, where we would end every word in "izzle", so no one would understand us. Anyway, we were in the bathroom, I was using the urinal and my friend took a shit in the stall. While he was shitting this Hasidic Jewish guy came into the bathroom with his young daughter to wash her hands, but my friend didn't hear them come in, he thought it was just me and him. The guy was washing his daughter's hands when my friend took such a huge dump, it sounded like his bowels straight up exploded, and he shouts "dude, my shizzle went down the tizzle!". The little girl started crying and the father looked disgusted and they ran out of the bathroom.

    EDIT: just remembered another one... when I was in elementary school there was this really funny kid, he was so wild and would do the funniest stuff. I was in the bathroom with him one time and he just starts karate kicking open the stall doors, and there was a kid taking a shit in one of them. I'll never forget the look on his face, he looked like a deer caught in headlights, we laughed so hard at that one.
  17. I smoked a fat bowl and popped a few tablets of E at a party, went in the bathroom without the lights on, and got myself lost in a 5x5 was so fucking scary!

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