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Best hiding spots for your bongs,bowls, and weed??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stormc1234, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. #1 stormc1234, Feb 22, 2009
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    i have the land lord coming:confused:
  2. My stereo in my room has a place for batteries where my bowl fits perfectly (without the batteries in it) i just put my weed in my closet inside an old paintball hopper. hope this helps a little

    I don't know how many pieces you have but you can probably just put it in the dresser I don't think he/she would look in there or have a reason too

  3. that paintball hopper idea helps alot thanks man:)
  4. I have a cutout edition of a Sherlock Holmes book. It can hold about a half o and a few bowls/pipes. It's a great place to stash and hide all my stuff.
  5. Drop cielings are the easiest places to hide junk IMO.

    Any sort of storage space that isn't used frequesntly is a good spot.

    In pockets of clothes hanging in closets is usually foolproof as well.
  6. I created a super good hiding spot in my clothing. I cut a slit in the waist seam of my jeans, n i stuff my bud, lighter n chillum. I wear a belt, n it covers up the items, so nobody will ever notice.
  7. I have a small surround speker that I put everytnikg in I took all the screws out except 2. The screw holes are recessed so you cant tell the other ones are missing. I have a high traffic area at my house so I take out what I need for the day, Then screw the speaker shut.

    Inside of a desktop computer is also a good place
  8. I have a brief case that locks and everything fits in there, a bubbler, pipe, and a straight roor. its locked and looks like an ordinary brief case.
  9. Inside a playstation or something, pockets of clothing youre not wearing like iceacool said.

    mastakilla why hide a ligher?
  10. inside the control pannel of my bass is where my bowl is now. I think im going to start putting my stuff in my computer case once im at college though.
  11. May not be aloud to smoke in house, may not want people to know he blazes
    anything, may not be old enough to possess a lighter, loads of reasons

    I stash my in a sock and then roll them up and put in with all the other
    rolled up socks . :D
  12. drop ceilings are ideal, but i put everything in a glass jar, then i roll that jar up in a travel blanket that rolls up and velcros to itself; i hide everything in plain sight in my room or in my car, its great
  13. agreed. great spot - no one would think to look in a shirt pocket hanging in your closet.

  14. well off topic but how about getting my appartment to not smell like straight up bud??:)
  15. ozium
  16. spoof, candles, oust spray.
  17. it is similar to the clothes pocket/hole in the jeans idea, but my friend bought a cheap stuffed animal from a dollar store, slit its belly, and stashes her stuff in there.Then you can just set it up on a shelf on its belly and it isnt noticeable :)
  18. just bought a bong yesterday I hide all my stuff in an old paintball gear bag bud and pieces alike. I need a better place though, suggestions?
  19. is your landlord coming over to search your house or is he just coming over?

    if he's just coming over, then just hide them under the clothes in one of your drawers. generally the best spots are the ones that are so obvious and almost in plain sight (for example: hiding bud in an can on your desk) that no one would think to look there.

    if he's going to perform a search, then you better get creative. alternatively you can get some sort of lock box and just tell him that you keep your porn in there if he asks.

    for the smell, use ozium to eliminate the smell of smoke and febreze to cover up the weed smell.

  20. he knows i smoke just hasnt been able to prove it thanks to grasscity's members's:) he gets snoopy

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