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Best Heavy Metal Guitarist?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by thccrystals, Sep 7, 2003.


Who is the best metal guitarist?

  1. Kirk Hammet

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  2. Dave Mustaine

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  3. Dimebag Darrel

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  4. John Petrucci

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  5. Kerry King

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  6. Marty Friedman

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  7. Jason Becker

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  8. Chuck Shuldiner

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  9. Jeff Hanneman

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  10. Andreas Kisser

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  1. Well who's the best? Am I missing someone...well post it.
  2. How could you leave Zakk Wylde off this list? :(
  3. Dimebag all the way! No one comes close. Thread closed. BAM!

  4. Cause that riff in stillborn sucks major nu metal balls. I know he's great though but he dosn't really play the heaviest of metal.
  5. I watched him play Beserzkers at Ozzfest last year. I thought was pretty damn heavy...
  6. Dave Murray and Adrian Smith deserve a mention too, don't they?
  7. Buckethead...thats who you are missing...;p
    damn good guitarist...;p
  8. Buckethead doesn't count, because he is all over the place...Deli Creeps, Praxis, Death Cube K, the Colma album, and so much more stuff is definitely NOT heavy metal.

    BTW, Buckethead is my favorite guitarist.

    I voted for Chuck Schuldiner of Death. RIP Chuck.
  9. ok i pic wes borland for some rather dif reasons......but the main ones are

    1.he difrent and has his own style

    2.he left the gay limpbizkit and did his own thing

    3.he plays like me ...if you play guitar you know what i mean what do you sound like?

    me i sound like a combo of 5 dif guitar players " all on my list"

    Adam Jones

    Daron Malakian

    Tom Morello

    Miguel Rascon

    Wes Borland
  10. Of the people you listed, I would say Dimebag. Although he is not my favorite guitar player on the list, he is one of the most unique. He is one of the few guiatrists who you immediately know when he is playing. He just has a style that is all his own--Even back in his "Metal Magic" days.
  11. This is really tough, but if I was just gonna name one person, it would have to be Trey Azagthoth of Morbid Angel.

    Out of your provided list though, I'd go for Chuck. (I finally got 'Human' a couple of weeks ago, awesome!)
  12. From That list probably Marty Friedman, although thats a damn tough list, but how the hell do you leave Randy Rhoades, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani off that? There not all metal guitarists but they need to be there.

  13. Why?
  14. So this list only includes the speed freaks. Kirk and Daryll pretty much some up what metal guitar is. Dave and the slayer guys maybe... But what about the g3 Steve Via Yingvie(sp) and the surfing with the alien guy. I cant remember because I'm stoned.
  15. i got a soft spot for phil fasciana he may not be the worlds greatest ever but hes up there and Malevolent Creation kills all and their unborn fetii and hateplow is just badd.ASS
  16. True say, Kerry King sucks. Hanneman blows him to the moon. Listen to Seasons In The Abyss, then listen to Angel of Death. Which is more interesting? Take a wild guess. Kerry King is fast but the solos make no sense. Just randomness.

    Don't get me wrong, I like Slayer just not kerry king. To him, I say blah. :p

    Dave Murray has god-like features, yes. Anyone notice in Rock in Rio that he's damn fat?? Too much fast food for that guy!!

    But anyways back to the point, I still stand by my decision that Dimebag Darrell is the best metal guitarist (depending on what you see metal as... debatable). Anyone disagree?

    ps... wtf buckethead? isn't that like a guitarist on the shoulders of another dude? Les Claypool said who they were once on his website but i forgot... it's trey anatasio and some other guy... name escapes me.. please tell me.. or better yet, what are some good buckethead songs? i've only heard the ballad of buckethead. peace
  17. Where the hell is Agnus Young of AC/DC? I know he may not exactly be heavy metal, but he was teh heavy metal for that deacde and he certianly helped start what today is modern metal. He gets my vote.


  18. Buckethead is just 1 guy! A great cd I have of his is called "Monsters and Robots" great song not on that album is called "Welcome to Bucketheadland"
  19. Forgive my typing errors on my last post, I was high........


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