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Best headshops in Austin?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by spikeystud88, May 28, 2010.

  1. Some friends and I are heading to Austin and want to hit up some smokeshops. What are some of the better ones in the Austin area?
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    Haha man I'm from austin but I'm growing medical in CO right now..
    There's one I think on the drag if not it's somewhere downtown thats called bc smoke shop.
    There's planet K's everywhere in Austin, they have grow supplys at most of them.
    A few good ones are south of Austin in San Marcos there's HighTimes headshop by jack n the box downtown, I think they changed their name to glass works, ask for bear he's the owner... Always cuts good deals.
    There's also hemptown rock and Puffin' Paul's in san marcos..
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    I have lived in Austin for about 10 years and have been smoking for almost all those years and from all my adventures buying glass on glass and other pieces i have to say BC smokeshop on the drag is the best headshop in Austin. They have an amazing selection (only place in Austin i know that carry TORO), the dudes who work there are awesome and will always hook you up with great prices, and are always willing to just shoot the shit with you about glass on glass and other related topics. I would go there between 10-3 on a weekday, Todd works then and hes a great dude to deal with.

    Of course there are many other options in ATX for headshops, its just kinda what your into.

    Me and my buddies used to frequent Gas Pipe on 5th but they werent the coolest bunch of folks and never really hooked up the repeat customer with any good deals or anything but they do have a lot of options on glass on glass and other pieces.

    Pipes Plus is also on the drag a little further north than BC, this visit place is okay but the selection for highend pieces isnt anything close to BC or Gaspipe, but if your looking for something on the affordable side i would check out Pipes Plus, they also have hookas you can smoke at the shop if your into that.

    Planet Ks are just kinda laughable in my opinion, they have all sorts of novelty shit in their store and are not only a headshop. I never really go there so i cant provide too much info on them.

    Oat Willies is on 29th and Rio Grande, this place is decent, once again havent been there in a while so dont know too much about them, but i can tell you last time i was there they had a very small selection of pieces.

    Theres also a little known shop called Smo Co on south congress right across the street from ST. Edwards University, this place is a very small shop but the staff here are super cool and they fix broken pieces here so thats a plus. They dont carry roors or anything here but they do carry some nice local glass.

    I just waked and baked so im sure im leaving out a couple headshops but these are the big ones/ my favorites in Austin, hope this helps
  4. BC is the best in atx period.
  5. does your last name start with an Mur by any chance??
  6. Nope, hit me up in PM though.

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