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Best Hash For DABS

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by ac3adt, May 18, 2012.

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    I just got a new dome rig and I am trying to figure out which type of hash is best to make and use with it.

    Like do some types of hash/oil burn better or worse than others?

    I made my first batch of hash/oil following bad kitty's hash recipe using ever clear as the solvent and it turned out fantastic.

    My buddy makes and swears by butane honey oil, but I feel like it yields less. And i think the ever clear oil was just as strong as the butane oil i have tried.

    Im new to the oil game and i'm trying to get myself oriented, so any opinions on the subject are appreciated!

  2. As in butane honey oil? Or can you use other solvents to make honey oil?
  3. Also, using ever clear as a solvent is much cheaper since a $25 handle will make at least 25 batches, whereas a can of butane is ~$10 and that makes 1 batch.
  4. qwiso and bho are best for dabs imo

    i dont like ethanol as a solvent because it just doesnt work as quickly and the water content makes it slower to evaporate, and more polar

  5. Have you checked out Bad Kitty's guide? I think it is pretty much a form of QWISO, but it uses heat and a double boiler rather than freezing it.


    The recipe starts just a little bit down the page.

    Is this a good way to make oil for dabs, or would regular QWISO be better?
  6. recipe is on page 66 if it doesn't take you straight there
  7. 99% iso to cover weed, shake for 30 seconds (no mas), filter through coffee filter into pyrex dish, cover with cheesecloth and leave outside for about 3 days. It's a bit of work scraping and chipping it out of the dish, but it kicks my ass everytime. Just shake and bake.
  8. There is this new type of bho called "nectar" that is hands down the best thing ever to vape. It's a lot like budder, but it's way more fresh so it has a higher moisture content so it's uber-sticky. Hummina hummina :bongin:
  9. U must mean hash oil/honey oil that looks very amber, ala like nectar....as far as i know though yep the Pure Gold by TetraLabs is around 90% pure...looks just like the nectar pic below:

    From my understanding though, it may not be the most "officially" or "lab tested" purest product, but it definitely is the tasties/best imo....shatter oil/amber glass like this below: jolly rancher type consistency.
  10. I'd have to say that my favorite extract is BHO, vac purged without heat. Leaves alllll those tasty terps intact and makes a really nice amber glass (like the above post).

    It's super dense. You don't need a huge glob of a dab to medicate. You can touch it. It's hard as a damn rock until you get it warm. You can also see 100% of what is in it. If there is ANY contaminate, you know.


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