Best Grow Setup For 2x2x4 Tent & Max Plant Size

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  1. Hi, I’m New To Growing I Recently Got My 2x2x4 Tent & I Got Some Northern Lights, Bruce Banger, Cheese (OG Skunk #1 Pheno) & Skywalker Kush Seeds that should be here soon & I need help with a good setup for good yields (lighting,ventilation & air, CO2, etc.) basically I need to know whatever you guys can tell me please everything is appreciated!!
  2. This is my tent & I got enough room to get a 2x4 or 4x4 so I’m gonna get one of those soon if everything goes right with this one.

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  3. Inside looks like I can grow 4 plants or 5 max but I’m not an expert & I know with the strains I ordered I did some research & each one can get a yield of 400-500Gr indoors so can anyone give me their opinions & also tell me what I should do if I want a big yield or somewhat close to that I’m supposed to get?

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  4. Ideally you want to check out Quantum Boards for your lighting, you have a small space so most other lights eill create huge geat issues.

    You will need an extraction kit to remove unwanted smells and to get air circulation.. with this size tent i wouldnt worry about setting up inline for air intake i just run passively with the extraction kit.

    Id only run one plant in that space, especially a photoperiod. You can easily fill that space up and pull maximum from that tent with one photoperiod.

    Maybe id consider 2x Autos as my second plan.
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  5. Thanks so much & im wondering if I would be okay if I grow one seed of the skywalker Kush in one pot but I don’t know what size pots to get yet but I also wanna plant one seed of the northern lights too I just need some tips because this is my first ever grow
  6. I went onto quantum boards but I don’t even know what I’m looking at right now lol I’m completely lost
  7. hi welcome to GC have you decided what your medium will be soil/coco dws if in coco/soil what size of pots will you be using and what nutrient lines will you use id get a ph pen and hygro meter too :)
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  8. Unless you will be growing 1.5 ft tall plants, a 4 ft tall tent won't work.
    Most plants are at least 3 ft tall.
    Buckets are typically 1 ft tall or more, lights usually need to be 1 ft away from plants, and at least 1/2 ft from ceiling. That leaves 18 inches for growth.

    I'd recommend some short autoflowers, something like mephisto 24 carat, or some other very short strains.
    Or get a taller tent.

    At most one plant will fit a 2 x 2 area.
    Forget about co2, it's counterproductive in a vented tent.

    Although most beginners are advised not to try hydroponics, it will lead to the biggest growth and yields.
    Coming close are some hydro-like setups such as autopots and hempy buckets.
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  9. @bkarnaze thank you for clearing that up for us i was going to say imo when i used aditional co2 in a small tent it never did nothing like it was meant to but i did 1 in a big room and they was better than alright :)
  10. 4 ft will work for veg, then you will need a tall tent for flower. Run a 135w v2 qb 4000k in the veg tent and a qb 96 or a 135w v2 3000k in the tall tent, about 6 minimum feet tall. If you have not used the 4 ft I would return it. Skilled growers will probably soon come up with a foolproof way to grow in a 4 ft tent. I do not know how it would be done.
  11. if I were to try and grow in that short of tent id probably do a sea of green grow and go right into flower once they sprouted
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  12. I haven’t even thought about any of that yet do you think you can throw me some ideas of some good stuff to use? & thanks I will look into them
  13. Yeah I was thinking that too, So you think that I got a good tent?
  14. This tent is too small for it?? I got it off of amazon & i looked in the reviews, people uploaded pics of theirs & the plants in it & it looks good on there everyone liked it & it’s rated a 4.8 star that’s the only reason I picked it
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  15. it will work. Mines in a 60x60x120cm with a 250w hps topped it with LST. Not gunna lie tho another inch and it wouldnt fit.
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  16. Alright thanks so much & here’s some recent pics I planted some northern lights yesterday after root came out of germination with maybe a inch & a half of a root might’ve been a little too early but I placed it in miracle gro indoor soil 28•13•19 Mix & no nutes or co2 filter yet
  17. Sorry if they are a bit dark but here’s the recent pics running a Bloomspect 600w with a input of 240watts & a 6” clip on fan I picked up.. haven’t seen any sign of the plant coming up & I’m doing a 18/6 day/night for veg. Any tips or anything would be appreciated

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  18. Looks good! But you may need a drip tray just incase your "water proof" flooring leaks mine did it.. but mine was a pretty cheap tent..

  19. I used to have a 2x2x4, i always ran 4 auto flowers in 2gallon pots with no problem. Just have to train . i had the pots in a square shape then trained them out like one big bush together. Max grow yeild i ever had in it was like 110grams. And that was 2 autos and 1 photoperiod.
    But if i didnt like to have a variety 2smoke from. I would just run 2 auto flowers at a time In a 3 gallon or one 5 gallon grow..

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  20. Nice, we’ll see I’m growing Northern Lights Feminised & I also have Skywalker Kush, Cheese & Bruce Banger All Fem.. & the NL has already started to show progression towards a full sprout & I’m running it in a 2 Gallon Pot under a 600w Bloomspect LED no carbon filter yet & no nutes yet planted the NL on The 9th or 8th

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