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  1. i am on my first grow, i only have one plant in a small grow box

    10.5 inches wide by 1' 5 1/2" deep and 2' tall

    im using 3, 32 watt bright white CFL bulbs on, 12 on 12 off cycle:
    (i know for flowering you should use soft white but i was cheap)

    and water once a day with 15 30 15 nuets

    so far my plant is looking great. im looking to expand my growing capabilities and invest in a large grow box/tent.

    what i want to know is what is the best grow box/tent that you can purchase online, that is fully equipped with everything you would need to start a larger operation (15-25 plants)

    soil and hydro are both ok

    thank you for your time.SC

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  2. 15-25 flowering adults? 10'X10' area, (4) 1kw lights. $2500-$3000

    15-25 flowering clones? 5'x5', 1kw light. ~$800

    That's if you build it yourself, if you've got the cash and don't feel like doing it piece by piece, a good quality kit will either cost more, or will be short in some areas (if it's a good price look closely at the equipment, some of it will be sub-par. I saw a hydro kit that came with ph strips, a 1kw kit that came with a duct booster for ventilation... they've got to make money somewhere and if they're not hosing you on the price, they're hosing you on the equipment)

    Good luck with your search :smoke:
  3. Those turnkey kits are way overpriced and usually have less capacity than you want. Buy a tent and separate components or do up the whole thing yourself.

    If I read it right you're watering and feeding every day, that's way too much. Can't argue with the way those photos look, though.

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