Best grow box for auto flowering seeds?

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  1. I was just wondering if anyone knew of a complete grow box or tent I could use for auto flowering plant. Im looking to spend about 200$ total if possible and I won't be needing a very large one. I appreciate any feedback.
  2. With $200 man, thats honestly a tight budget to get anything legit going in a tent. But id go with the cheapest 2x2x3 tent on amazon ($60) because, fuck it theyre autos they dont really care about light leaks.

    Next is the biggest and most important piece to your puzzle, but since youre on a budget you still have to go cheap. Id go with the 300w Mars Led ($99). Ive got 3 of em and theyre good at what they do. Youre not getting anything crazy from them but theyre plenty good if its just for youre personal stash. LEDs will keep your tent cooler than HID/HPS. More powerful than CFLs

    Filter? nope, not in the budget. Ive seen people make pretty effective cheap carbon filters by hand, maybe do some youtube research on that.

    Spend your last little bit on fans to move air around and get some circulation, and tie downs for all of the LSTing youll be doing.
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  3. Hey man great post I really appreciate the advice. Say I get this tent here GrowLab GL60 Portable Grow Room

    I would like to increase my budget to accommodate for everything I need. I can't seem to find the Mars led light and I would like to get a carbon filter as well if u know any good ones. I was wondering if you thought that was a solid grow tent as well. I live in a condo and I don't necessarily have to be discreet but I don't want anything blatantly out in the open is all. I also am not sure where to get any fans as well. Thanks for the feedback it really is encouraging!
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  4. That sure isn't a lot of money to try to get a grow setup going. Typically, the light alone is going to eat up your whole budget. Remember, the size and density of your buds is directly related to the quality and amount of light they get during flower. Try to make sure that you have adequate flowering light by the time the flowering cycle comes to pass. Try to get as quality a setup as possible with what you're working with. TWW
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  5. This is only for personal use and while I have 10 seeds I will be growing 2 or 3 at the very most each time. So any suggestions on equipment. I have heard auto flowering seeds require a bit less equipment
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  6. Since autos grow by their own genetic code, the area you grow them in isn't quite as important as with the regular strains. During veg, you'll only need a light to veg them under (CFL's work great for veg) and a place to put them while they veg that isn't too hot. I would recommend using CFLs to veg with because they don't put off the heat that other light sources do...and the plants veg well under them. You could do this in a closet or some other space you might have available. Since CFLs don't put off much light, heat generally isn't too much of a problem with them as long as the overall temp in the house isn't too hot. Any light puts off heat, but CFLs put off the least. You'll need very good soil and if you use a very good soil, you don't have to worry about nutes so much and they won't be needed until way on down the line in the veg cycle. As far as nutes go, we stopped using the bottled combos several years ago and started using a brand by J.R. Peters called "Jack's." It costs about 1/5 what you pay for the other kinds and works just as well. I typically flower from 25-30 at a time and I can get enough Jack's to last me well over a year for under $15. During veg you'll need good soil, proper light, a way to check and adjust the pH of your water to a range of 6.3 to 6.7 (This is important as far as keeping your plant's roots healthy. Watering out of range will eventually lock up the roots of your plants and they can't take in nutrition when that happens) and understand well about watering your plants. You do not need to water your plants until they have used up at least 80% of the water in the container from your last watering. These plants don't like their roots sitting in moist conditions all the time, so a good light and arid soil is best and only watering when the plant has dried out enough is imperative. The biggest concern I would have as far as equipment goes is what light I planned to flower with. More light equals bigger better buds, so that is your most important piece of equipment in my mind. If you're going to be using a small tent, then heat will be your biggest issue during the flowering cycle unless you can come up with a decent LED light to flower by. The LEDs don't put out nearly as much heat as other flowering lights, so they work great in confined spaces. The only drawback to them is that to get one of ANY quality, you'll have to throw down some cash. The cheap ones aren't worth buying. Work on getting your veg setup together and going and be researching lights...the kind, their cost, etc. Hopefully, by the time you get finished vegging your plants, you'll be in a better situation to afford a good light for flowering. Good luck! TWW
  7. Awesome information man. Do you have any lights you would reccomend for the flowering stage and what about carbon filters or fans? How long should my plant be in the veg stage?
  8. Thx

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