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  1. So i just bought a Volcano, and as all your bud needs to be ground up for this, and im a pretty heavy smoker my grinder has been getting a wok out.

    So i have a questing, whats one of the best grinders on the market? I would like to invest in a solid grinder now that i am going to be grinding ALL of my herb.

    Also any tips for getting the most out of my Vape?

    Here is my setup.

    Any tips would be helpful.
  2. You have a volcano, obviously money isn't an obstacle here, so go with a large space case, they run about $100 or so, but they never flake and the teeth never break. It is definitely one of the most solid grinders on the market. That or an electric coffee bean grinder, those work wonders too!
  3. Any of the Titanium Space case series...

  4. If you want the best grinder money can buy for under $50 then get a Chromium Crusher.

    $20 (shipped) on ebay, and it will literally last forever. A lot of my friends have crappy grinders from head shops, and they all feel really light and shitty. My Chromium Crusher is a monster in comparison.

    Has an awesome kief catcher that is perfect (not too loose, not too fine), and on top of that it grinds up bud reallllly well!

    Trust me, for $20 you wont be disappointed! And with the money you save you can get more bud :)!
  5. Gonna have to throw in another vote for the Titanium Space Case.
  6. Without question...........titanium SpaceCase
  7. :eek:

    Got the medium. Absolutely love it
  8. The BEST quality grinder on the market is Space Case!! Get one, it will last forever, seriously. Watch out for fakes!
  9. Ok, I feel retarded now after re-reading the OP. I didn't see the part below the pic where he asked for the ABSOLUTE BEST grinder lol.

    In that case, the biggest space case they make (the one that's like 5" across or some shit).

    Sorry for misreading!

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