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best grinder

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by boxhot, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. im looking for a 2 piece grinder that doesnt have a pollen screen because i dont want to have to deal with the kief sprinkling on top, what brands should i look into that are cheap but good quality? i just want a simple grinder
  2. just buy a space case, the best, 2 peice, 40 bucks.
  3. This. But they're only $23 on ebay. There is no better brand... and from what I understand they are 100% American-made.
  4. Yeah, you're best bet is a spacecase for a two-piece. Ebay is awesome for grinders
  5. Sharpstone!! Jk, space case ftw
  6. [space] muthafucking [case]
  7. Sharpstones are second best... still very good. I used to have one and I loved it but amidst all the reports of broken teeth and shavings coming off I sold it.
  8. id say any grinder does the job... space cases are like ipods of grinders but they all do the job fine
  9. I have an electric herb grinder... so yeah:cool::p
  10. Well all grinder are not made the same, cheap grinder will start leaving metal dust and shavings after some time in your weed. Space case or cosmic grinder are the best. If i was to buy a new grinder it would be a space case titanium. Be careful with ebay alot of people rip off space case logo. Space case logo is on the bottom and its engraved into the metal. I would buy a 4 piece but a 2 piece works well.
  11. I use a sharp stone and am completely happy with it.
  12. #14 WEEirDo, Aug 7, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 7, 2009
    Before I say my opinon on the kief subject... heres my answer.

    A space case 2 piece should run you $40~

    Now, its not hard to sprinkle kief... A space case or sharpstone (the poor mans space case) comes with a tool for this. It is very, very easy but, the for the Space Cases, the price more then doubles in price. This is why most people who cant afford a space case, get a chromium chrusher or a Sharpstone 4 piece, CC and SS are basically the same exact thing.

    A SS or CC 4 piece shouldnt be more then $40 ever. A SC will run towards $90+ easy.

    No, cheap rip off. I also wouldnt get a grinder or really any product for MJ off ebay, as it is probably used or fake.

    The SS and CC I guess some times leave metal shavings...but Ive used one many times and have never seen this. But if your not looking for a kief catcher, you cant go wrong with a $40 space case grinder.
  13. Not true. Ebay is a very reputable online retailer. You just have to know how to use the service. I have never received anything fake in all my years of ebay use. Ebay has "Rep" just like GC. Fuck with only the reputable sellers and stores and you'll be fine. Just read some comments from transactions. If they're damn near 100% positive with many sales go for it.
  14. Yes... that is the one I was referring to in my post... I just wasn't sure if the mods would like me posting the link. It's legit and from a reputable seller. Buy It! Kief are trichomes (thc) that were gonna fall off anyway. The bud is still 100% smokeable and will get you high. The kief would normally stick to your hands and be lost. :(
  15. thank you for telling me that! is it better then to get a four piece grinder?
  16. No. I was under the impression that you weren't interested in four pieces. That's why I recommended that one. 4 pcs are better because they collect keif in a retrievable chamber. With 2 pcs it collects and gums up the inside of the grinding chamber and has to be cleaned out every once and a while.. more so than in a four piece. You can get by fine with a 2 pc though... especially a high quality like this.

    With a 2 pc you split the pieces and dump out the weed. With a 4 pc the shredded weed falls down into a storage chamber over a screen. Below the screen is the kief storage chamber. Make sense?

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