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  1. Who makes the best grinder? I'm looking for a 4 piece large one (2 1/2 - 3 1/2 diameter).

    Also, where is the best place to buy one (and related items) online (that ships to USA) It seems the vast majority of places I've found online are in Europe.

  2. Go with the one that's actually made in the USA..

    Mendo Mulcher. I've had mine for about a year and it works just like the day I bought it.
  3. Mendo Mulcher is good. So are the Cosmics. Sharpstones are the Fords of grinders, i.e. mediocre quality but a good buy for the money.

    But you asked for the best, and that has to be the Titanium SpaceCase's which can be purchased at
  4. I can vouch for Mendos. Very solid construction, tons of sharp teeth, American made. And yes, like the name implies, it mulches the shit out of your given budz.
  5. SpaceCase grinders are by far my favorite.

    Not to mention the incredible super adorable Jodie E. uses one.
  6. Chromium Crushers ftw
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    CC's are good, but they're not the best. Neither are the SharpStones.

    The most finely machined grinder out there is the SpaceCase. This is not an opinion, but a fact.

    Doesn't mean that other grinders like the CC's or Sharpstones won't get the job done, because they will. It's just that they're not built to the same close tolerances as the SpaceCases, which, btw, is reflected in its price.

    Is the SpaceCase overpriced? Only if you willing to settle for second best.
  8. Get a Sharpstone. Best for the price. Check out eBay.
  9. DUDE. gahhhh, this is so annoying.

    seriously. search the freaking forums. 50 different threads EXACTLY like this one will show up.

    the consensus is the same in them all.

    space cases are the best grinders money can buy.

    all you have to type in is "best grinder"

    no wonder people think stoners are lazy.
    fuck, man.
  10. Space cases are the tried and true "quality" grinder. I have to say that I find little difference in quality between them and sharpstone grinders. The sharpstones offset diamond shaped cutting edges provide for a sharper edge, and they are all solid machined metal.

    If your one of those guys that needs to have the coolest gear, grab the spacecase. If you want cheap/reliable go for the sharpstone.

    I only mention these brands because they are the easiest to find, with space cases in every quality shop and sharpstones so affordable online even after shipping.
  11. nah spacecase is just a overpriced polished grinder. sharpstone all around is the most reliable, efficent ,affordable grinder.
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    So you're saying that the SharpStone is more reliable than the SpaceCase?

    Here's the deal. I can find, and post up NUMEROUS posts from SharpStone users who have complained about metal shavings in their bud from their grinder when it was new, and when it was over 2 years old. That doesn't mean that it will happen with every SharpStone, but it has been reported by many.

    Not one thread that I have ever read, has stated that the SpaceCase has had this issue or any other issue for that matter.

    Is the SpaceCase overpriced? Like I said, it is if you don't want the best machined grinder on the market.

    Here is a good review comparing the two:

    And here's another great thread comparing various grinders:
  13. Diamond Grinders are sweet.
  14. Chill.

  15. But he does have a point, man.

    It is amazing how many times that the EXACT same question gets asked here.

    Whenever I go onto a site, I spend a ton of time reading and doing research for questions I may have before I ever post up a question.

    It's almost as if these guys come here thinking, "My time is more valuable than anyone else's, so I'll just waste everyone else's time by asking them to answer my question that they have already answered a bazillion times before".
  16. who sells replacement screens for a space case?

  17. No one.
  18. Hmmmm.

    For those that have owned a space case for a year or two (or more), have you ever had a need to replace the screen?
  19. do you remember the thread just like this one that was posted sunday? or the one on friday? or the two on thursday? or the 13 the week prior?

    everytime i log in i see a new version of the same fuckin' thread.

    i've had mine for six years and you would think it's brand new. nothing has ever happened. no dents in the screen, no dull edges, no bent threads, no metal shavings, no nothing.
  20. Thanks for your help.

    Another quick followup question.

    What do most of you do... grind as needed or grind everything to get it over and done with?

    Provided it's in a sealed jar, does it really matter?

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