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Best Grinder?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by celicaracer05, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. I have personally owned two space grinders the 4 piece items with magnetic lid and keif catcher. but now after having another one taken away i'm looking to buy a third, any opinons on a nice metal grinder?
  2. best grinder, in my opinion is the space case. if u want to ball out with a grinder, pick 1 up!
  3. i bought a sharpstone recently.....waiting for it in the mail...i hear its the blue dot of grinders...same quality less $$$....
  4. they sell ones on ebay that are just as good as space case grinders for 15$. the only difference is the space case ones come with that little triangle of plastic for keif scraping.
  5. my sharpstone is supposed to have the keif thing too.....its wat the seller advertised
  6. I just ordered one on ebay for 15 bucks with the keif catcher thing. I'll let you know how well it works when I get it.
  7. I have the sharpstone off ebay. I recommend it to everyone. I have never owned a spacecase, but I cant imagine it doing anything more worth 60 bucks. I love this thing, Im probably an ounce into it and it still grinds beautifully. Not to mention it was shipped for a total of 20 bucks. Ill keep the extra 50 I saved on a spacecase for weed.
  8. yeah man, sharpstone is the way to go. dont get me wrong i loved my old spacecase, but damn, its everything you need in a grinder for less $$$. i paid $30 for a 3 part with kief catcher at my local headshop...its durable and works even better than my old spacecase!

    Sharpstone=The best grinder money can buy.
  9. I bought one from a local headshop for 20 bucks and it works perfectly, and it has a keif tray.
  10. best grinder ever is the plastic Worlds No1 its like $5 so like get that and an 8th instead of a space case? i would. a grinder is a grinder.
  11. sharpstone
  12. 4 pieces are definetly the best cause it grinds up the bud perfectly. with the 3 piece ones they grind it up too much sometimes.
  13. I bought two grinders off of ebay last year so I'll give a review of those two. There are many more grinders out there but I can at least share my experience with these. Your milage may vary.

    I bought this one

    Dude shipped it hella quick and I can't complain. This is the Harbor Freight of grinders. You get what you pay for.

    I got it with a pollen press and a stash tube for around $19.99 shipped. It is a really rough import that does not look as nice as the one in the pic. Rough milling marks. It has pitting in the metal and niks. The pollen press was garbage. It was much worse than the one he pictures. The stash tube was nice. The grinder is hard to grip. The knurling around the top is really faint so not much grip.

    The grinder works pretty well in terms of collecting keif but it makes a ton of squeeling when you grind. This is caused by resin getting in the rough metal and gumming it up. You have to keep it clean. Also almost nothing will fall through to the weed section because the holes are much too small. So you have to grind with the top two pieces in your hand and continuously open the two pieces to let ground weed drop out. If I had to wait for the weed to drop through the little holes of the grinding section, then the weed would be absolutely pulverized. So its like using a two piece grinder then dropping the ground weed into the storage area.

    I wouldn't recommend this one because I feel to most people it would be a letdown in terms of quality and performance.

    I bought this one

    It was shipped quickly.

    The quality of this grinder is way better than the other one. The milling marks from the machining process are much nicer and smoother. The sharpstone grinder has a nicer finish on it with no pitting. Resin didn't gum up as much on it because of this nice finish. It ground weed better and had more clearance holes. That said, it didn't collect as much keif as the other. After an ounce ran through it much, much less keif was in the lower part than the cheaper grinder. It has a little plastic ring around the grinder where the two rotating parts meet so there is no squeeking when you grind.

    I ended up giving this to a joint rolling friend of mine because he only needed the grinder part and I really was into making keif cakes so I kept the one that gave me the most keif.

    In retrospect I would much rather have the sharpstone grinder back so I could see if it collected better and I was simply wrong.

    I still use the first grinder that I thought was so crappy. It collects a lot of keif so I assume it has a wider mesh screen. I look at the keif through a 10X loupe and I see very little if no plant material so I know its primarily catching keif.

    I think ultimately I'll get a two piece grinder and a wooden keif/stash box with a silk screen.
  14. the one i got was black ...:D never seen a black one before..

    it should b in my mailbox...BUT I DONT HAVE THE KEYS YET...dammit USPS..

  15. for sure. kinda pricey but they work great for a long time. I've had mine for 4 years and it still works as good as the day I bought it.
  16. i got a black sharpstone. I love it! plus I like the mini kief scrapper better than the spacecase "pick"
  17. I've had the Party size Spacecase for awhile and I still swear by it. The Best Grinder Out IMO
  18. Wheres the best/cheapest place to order a Sharpstone?
  19. ebay. 20 bucks
  20. I got a diamond grind, ive been pleased

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