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  1. Which grinder should I buy? My current one it broken and I need a new one. Price is no object what is the best grinder out there? The ones on ausvapes were really boring
  2. Santa Cruz Shredder

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  4. I got a Cali crusher and it works great..

    Nah I don't do drugs. I smoke weed.
  5. Diamond grinders, none better!
  6. The best "big" grinder is mama p's!!..... from mamap's wholesome grinding company.. 4 more teeth then the crushers... 1/4 inch deeper.... has accesories custom made cleaning tools... built in lighter in the lid..... tis expensive... but you did ask whats the best and that $$ is no object... they have custom ones for upwards of like $300

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  7. Ya mama p's is good.
  8. Santa Cruz! Shit's amazing

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