Best glass globe for Ego pens?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by keepsake, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. I have the gentlemen's atomizer and now I want a glass globe just cus it looks cool lol.
    Which one is the best one for an Ego pen?

  2. maybe I should just stick with the gentlemen brand get their glass globe?
  3. All the globes are mostly the same unless you get a skull one or w.e but imo the atomizer you use is much more important. The gentlemens is good. The cermic nail they call it which is a cup and a wic sucks they break easy and dont last very long. Alot of over spill to. I ordered a stag stainless one il let ya kno. But Ive heard the gent ones work good.
  4. Wait for Fez/phi6 to announce the wickless version.
  5. what do you mean? im in the market for a globe to attach to a 510 battery....gentleman looks good so far, but if theyre upgrading thats good info to know.
    never owned a pen or dabbed out of one...but i figured the wick was to help prevent spills when heated? also figure its not ideal for taste unless you switch it out everytime you get a new concentrate?
    The Wickless Gentleman's globe is out now.
    The wick is to ... wick up the liquified oil, but the new design should vaporize anything and leave behind no liquid, only unvaped wax.
  7. thanks for reply...but i had a good buzz(alcohol obv) yesterday and was justifying some purchases while under the influence...and I ended up pulling the trigger on the Vhit Type C!
    I initially ended up doing it because of this rationale: "I dont think the technology CAN be that different or better amongst all the different globe vape options in the sea of pen vapes" and "this awesome thread on grasscity linked me to ebay where i could get one for $15 shipped"
    So i ended up going that route. I figure that this cheaper version will at worst give me an idea if i wanna dig deeper into this vape pen thing, or just stick to the rigs i keep at the house.
    I'll prolly end up trying to write up a review on here since I didnt have the best of luck finding a lot of reviews on it...but i did find a few and they all raved about the product, with a few "best ever" claims here and there!

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