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  1. I have a 500 range right now I have a black leaf natural dome with ice knots and a 6 arm A/C perc and I love it! So I want something even better
  2. [quote name='"sonocroc"']Sheldon black[/quote]

    What would beat my current bong?

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  3. [quote name='"Infamous Smoke"']

    What would beat my current bong?[/quote]

    Hey can I have your bong ?
  4. [quote name='"Infamous Smoke"']

    What would beat my current bong?[/quote]

    I'm not a big fan of black leaf...anyways if you're willing to drop 500 I say go into a head shop and try everything out, see what you like. Haggle a bit. Another good option is getting in touch with a blower. For 5 bills you could get a nasty custom with what YOU want
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    If you want to drop that kind of cash, I would recommend spending the $50 and getting onto BM.

    Check out the following on YouTube and see if any of them appeal to you, most of them are right within if not below your ideal price range:

    -ITZA such as a 8/13, or a circ/13 (I bought a worked ITZA 8/13 within your budget)
    -SG King stemlines, Inverted 4-arms,
    -Toro minis or maybe like a 7/13 or circ/circ if you are lucky
    -RooR if you're into them.
    -A custom blasted/worked/gridded EFS donut
    -SGW waffle

    You already have a decent bong setup so if you want to try something different you could look into bubs, rigs or something worked/heady

    -SG king bub
    -Toro micros and macros
    -Something heady like a Devol or Dizzle bub or rig for example
    -Hitman sidecar
    -I just snagged a worked 2011bc gridded circ for well under your budget.

    Sorry for the huge post but yeah your options are pretty wide open with that budget. No matter what you buy, I'm sure you will love it.
  6. Take 10% of that and buy a boromarket sub. Then go from there. If you're buying high ticket items, that sub will pay for itself in one purchase, with the amount of money you save over retail.
  7. [ame=]SYN Double Tallboy Showerhead and SYN Diffused Ash Catcher - YouTube[/ame]
  8. I think another good option is getting in touch with a blower. For 5 bills you could get a nasty custom with what you want [​IMG]

  9. BM is also a good forum for contacting world class artists such as Devol, El Hefe, Nate Dizzle, ITZA, EFS, CREEP etc.

    Lots of those guys post every couple weeks. All you have to do is drop them a PM to inquire about getting the ball rolling if you want a custom. Obviously they probably have huge waiting lists for customs so you might need to be patient.

    For ~$450 you could get EFS to make you a dirty custom piece. I have never contacted him for custom work, but you could get a worked base or custom sandblasted (hes like on pakoh's level for blasting, seriously incredible), gridded stemless donut to gridded circ for around the price range you are interested in. If you have never heard of EFS, don't sleep on him, hes an insane artist.

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