Best glass for dabs?

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  1. I have an 18in tall Apix stemline to double disk with a full size bore on top (goes around your mouth, can't remember the size) and it takes away a ton of flavor from my dabs. So I'm wondering what are some good, high-quality dabbing pieces? I like scientific but other than that I'm not too picky.

    I have a S.C.S. Ti nail with a dome. I prefer the looks of the dome over a domeless.
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  3. Thank you! Those both look very nice. My nail is for 18mm joints only unfortunately. Is there a big difference going from 14 to 18mm for concentrates? It would make sense to me that anything a 14mm has over 18 could be achieved simply with less pull on the 18.
  4. i have an 18mm jjoint and nail, i wet pulled a 14mm and my currrent 18mm at the shop and couldnt tell a huge difference. there was slightly, but dont think i would be able to distinguish an 18 from a 14. now an 18mm to a 10mm joint? that one i could notice right away, but i was a little too small for me.
    What did you notice that ws different about it?  Was it the taste or just the amount of drag that you had?  Same level of high?
  6. well the 14mm was slightly less draggy than the 18mm, and the 10mm was practically 0 drag, almost like breathing air. not enough drag for me as i prefer a little chug, so went with the 18mm. couldnt taste/judge high because i was at the glass shop, but from what ive read 10mm really have the best flavor.
  7. I have a nice piece from a glass shop I got a few yrs a go to replace one similar to one I had but when I got my nail and dome Iv never went back ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1394181409.726199.jpg

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