Best glass for dabs?

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  1. I have an 18in tall Apix stemline to double disk with a full size bore on top (goes around your mouth, can't remember the size) and it takes away a ton of flavor from my dabs. So I'm wondering what are some good, high-quality dabbing pieces? I like scientific but other than that I'm not too picky.

    I have a S.C.S. Ti nail with a dome. I prefer the looks of the dome over a domeless.
  2. Dabbing is practically the polar opposite of smoking flower.  You want a small, low diffusion piece.  My favorite pieces for dabs are recyclers, but hard to find really great functioning ones.  
    My current favorites (these are all pretty expensive, 1k-3k territory)
    MS klein torus (I have one and use it daily)
    Erik anders recycler (I just bought one, got a 10mm mini, should be here today or tomorrow)
    ETR shrink perc recycler (hard to get, I posted pic of one on the lol whut thread)
    If I were looking for a dab piece more in the 300 range, I'd probably look at toro macros.
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    Alright then I definitely should look into it. I'm really not looking for a piece that is smaller and costs more than my bong though.

    Probably $100-200? Sorry I would have stated before but I didn't realize little dab pieces got so expensive.
  4. My lhs always has decent no-name oil rigs from local blowers from under 100 to around 200.  I'd go to a local lhs and take a look.  Beware that probably 70% of lhs suck and are rip offs.  I always check their prices on things that I know the retail toro double micros should go for around 650, classic volcano should be around 550 (if these things are significantly higher, it means that shop is gouging you).
    Just water test something small.  I'm sure you've found that that apix is a bit uncomfortable for dabbing out of due to the sheer size and how much you have to pull.
    Just a FYI, small intricate pieces are much harder to make than a large scientific tube, so the price goes up.  Current trend is to try to make things as small as possible, 10mm joints are becoming popular for oil rigs.  Everything is switching over.
    Elbo is making 10mm dinos now, EA is making 10mm cyclers now etc.
  5. Ah damn well I'll have to hope for a tiny piece with an 18mm joint then that isn't fuckexpensive.

    How much am I missing out on with my piece? Over percolation and oversized for dabs for sure, but how much does it matter?
  6. Like I said, I'd go to a lhs and just check out what they have from local artists.  Just a smaller piece will make things more comfortable.  It's just the way oil is smoked is so different, like with flower you fill and snap a hit, whereas oil you just constantly pull.  With a small piece you can just pull and pull and pull before you run short of breath whereas a large tube is much less comfortable.
    Not all rigs are expensive, you can find ones made from good boro for 100, it's just not going to have fancy labels and'll work fine and a big improvement over the size of that stemline.
    Most rigs are DI (direct inject) meaning they have male joints, they are to be used with a dome that has a female joint.  Most are 14mm.  You can get adaptors and such so you can use your flower bowl in an oil rig and vice versa but honestly just keep  1 for oil and 1 for flower.
    There will be a difference in taste, but I think the most major improvement is the comfort of pulling on a smaller piece.  I always recommend people to have a separate flower and oil tube.  For a 2 in 1 type setup I'd get a small tube like a toro double micro and add an ashcatcher to increase volume for flowers.  But honestly, I find a toro double micro to still be too big for oil.
  7. These might be something to read:

  9. Man post a pic/ start a thread to show of your new recycler! Super stoked to see your latest pick up. EA is on point with his recyclers.

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  10. Fucking USPS again.  Still waiting, going to snap lol.  Same issue with the dunny too, I use domeless nails but don't have a 10mm so I need to go to lhs to get one before I can use it.  But I don't want ot leave right now in case it comes....DAMNIT.  This is why I understand how shitty it was what happened to korupt with the pillar.  Waiting for glass in the mail is the WORST feeling ever, until that box shows up...utter joy, I can't imagine opening it up and seeing something broken. I'd kick and scream like a little kid, swear to god.
  11. domelss is more popular 
  12. Thank you for the responses!
    I checked out Colie Glass and am waiting for a response.  Hopefully they can help me find something that I want.   :)
  13. Recyclers are very good for dabbing. But have you ever heard of a fritted disk. They are amazing for dabbing. But the problem with getting a rig is you SHOULD NOT use bud in them.

    Dave Goldstein Fritted Disk
  14. seems like fritte percolation would destroy flavor for oil.....?
  15. personally dislike the dg frit, too much diffusion, no flavor
  16. If you want the best flavor get a pipe and filters. Had to do it the other day and got a lot of flavor... Trust me

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1393208241.552157.jpg
  17. Actually had a change of heart at the last second. I'm getting something from the710store. Their glass looks fantastic and their prices are great. :)
    if you are referring to this store, they have 0 sales and haven't logged on the site in almost 2 months.
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    The710store operates under multiple online storefronts, not to mention most artfire sales end up being done out of artfire itself so no records would be held.  The artfire store hasnt been used in months.
    90% of the stuff on their IG @the710store is pre paid customs too

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