Best Glass Brand Online? (Under 70$ please)

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  1. Hey guys, I'm pretty new here so please forgive me if this has already been done. I bought a bong & a pipe during my Christmas break this year,and surprisingly they aren't doing too bad. However, I was looking to expand my smoking tools (plus I want to start a bong collection :love-m3j:) The bong I currently have now is made by Black Leaf and it's a double perc bong (I'll insert the link later, I can't access the site right now.) As for the pipe, Its a 15 dollar pipe my friend got me. Not too shabby,not too great either. I just wanted to know what else people recommended,as I still know very little about what glass brands are the best online. Thank you for your help, and I apologize if this thread uses the wrong terms or something like that. Not too many stoners in my area.

    Happy toking guys! :RoorRip:
  2. I've only been smoking for a year so you're probably much more experienced than me. Just bought a lovely perc bong that was originally £67 down to £25 (from England) so that'll be about $38ish? probably nothing on your double perc but for 60% off why not.

    Scientific Glass Bubbler with 6-Arm Tree Perc - END OF LINE DISCOUNT - 60% OFF | Grasscity

    Joint size is 14.5mm, would've preferred 18 but I absolutely love it, hope this helps, happy smoking man.
  3. @OneE Aw dude! I thought I was the only one who liked that bong. It looks like it'd be a pretty cool piece,but I'd probably cry if the joint leaked. I've heard some pretty sketchy reviews about Black Leaf,that's why I didn't get that one. I was afraid it'd leak everywhere and then my room would smell like bong water for the rest of my years,haha. If you know anyone who gets this bong or decide to get it for yourself,let me know how it goes!
  4. @ILiamFX Hey man,thanks for responding. To be honest with you, I've only been smoking for a little over two years. I promise I'm not that much more experienced,haha. That's not too bad of a deal,I might have to buy it once I get paid. Double perc is pretty nice,but 38 bucks for 1 perc? I'll take that deal any day,especially with the 60% off sale. Thanks for sharing, I appreciate it. Happy smoking to you and your new piece!
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  5. Hey SpaceBrownie
    A few of my favorite brands are Grav Labs (very popular), medicali (really cool 8-tree percs) and HVY/ZOB (both very thick glass). I have a medicali 8-tree perc myself it I love it. I'm not sure what your budget is but you should check those out. :)
  6. Yeah - I just don't have any faith in that joint - although there haven't been too many comments to them popping open, only small leaks... Its just too damn risky to have bong water leak, and you know someone will try and grab by the stem at some point -- just way too risky. I'd feel better if they put a clip on it, but maybe it really doesn't need it?

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