Best genetics/strain around?

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  1. so I've been looking around on what I want next. I've decided I want to grow just 1 strain this time round even though in still looking for a keeper!
    I've read a high times article about best strains 2017 and one of them was Crockett farms Tangie. I've had this before and was lovely. I like fruity smelly flavours so I think this is a good shot.
    The problem is I can only find regular seed packs.

    Anyone know where I can get fem seeds from?
    What strain / breeder would you recomend?
  2. Bit of a low / medium yielding strain I’ve never grown it but they say 450gr/mtr how many plants and lights you going to run

    Currently growing Sour Chiesel
  3. Vault

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  4. When I search Crockett as breeder it only come up with reg;

    BREEDER Crockett Family Farms
    GENETICS Cali-O x Skunk

    The one you linked to;

    BREEDER Reserva Privada
    GENETICS Cali-O x Skunk - Crockett's Selection

    I see it says crocketts selection in genetics but not in breeder. is this a company called reserva priada growing and selling crocketts Tangie?
    I want from the original source if possible. I've only just started concentrating on genetics, I want the best!
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    What is your favourite that you can
    Betime I get to it, will be under a 550 qb In A 4x4
  6. I grow different strain every time I grow coz I like variety, currently growing sour chiesel from big Buddha seeds should get pretty good yield but did have 36 inches of stretch which was a bit of a pain to deal with
    Time before that was The Doctor from Greenhouse seeds which I would say has been my favourite smoke for quiet some time ,had 24 inches of stretch , I will be regrowing it after I pull my current crop got a great harvest of 52 oz off 8 plants 8 week flower in a 1.2x2.4x 2 tent [​IMG]2ceb0e14.jpg[/IMG] I guess it comes down to wether it’s a cash crop or for personal use , but my favourite over the last 4 yrs is The Doctor

    Currently growing Sour Chiesel

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