Best Game for Mac?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by KreenAkrore, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. I just bought a mac book pro retina, now I don't expect it to run the best games, but some good ones one it would be?

    Right now I have Limbo and because I had Portal 2 for ps3 got it from steam for FREEE!!! :hello: which is awesome. Plays with no lag but I need a controller.

    Anyways what do you guys suggest.
  2. you can use your ps3 controller with your macbook. I don't remember exactly how, but google it. It was super fucking easy.
  3. Diablo III? and you can always get bootcamp pretty much get everything (but have to admit that I haven't done this myself yet)
  4. OnLive.

    Google it.
  5. TF2, age of empires, counter strike source, WoW
  6. yea there are some games on steam that will run on mac, the new counter strike global offensive will work on it, it is $15 which means you can't lose if you like shooters
  7. Just torrent a copy of windows and use Bootcamp. That's what I do, I play Skyrim with my Mac this way.

  8. Game selection is pretty big?
  9. Pant vs zombies


    Bombsquad (game has a link for ps3/Xbox360 controller plug ins for better gaming and there is also online play, and you can hook up multiple controllers and keyboards for I believe 4 or more players)

    Pinball HD

    Lugaru, it's fucking awesome, takes a bit of processing power, but it is fucking amazing, YouTube gameplay of it!
  10. CS:S
    Left 4 dead 2( i think?)
    any civilization game
    Starcraft 2, starcraft 1, pretty much any blizzard game tbh.

    there really are a lot of games that mac can run or can be made to run these days, still also a lot that it cant play also.
  11. mac kind of sounds like crack, therefore you must be on crack to even think of buying a mac.

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