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Best friends!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Barnaby Jones, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. a good friend of mine who just recently started smoking pot came over the other day and we smoked up. i showed him my stash, and smoked him up some really good bud, bud that took me forever to find; some bc big bud. he left his stash at my house, and while i was away he came to pickup his stuff. when i come home and go to smoke a bowl, i find that my stash seems to be a bit light. it looks like he may have stolen a good sized nug or two, a good third of my 40 bag.

    do you confront your friend on something like this or just ignore it?
    to be honest it kind of pisses me off. why do friends steal from friends?
    it seems like the only thing that gets stolen from me are lighters and pot.
  2. id confront him. this isnt something you want to be happening to you on occasion.
    just let him know next time to ask first
  3. Happened to me by my greedy as friend. Stole my last bowl in my jar like I wouldn't notice. Also stole my pipe (a metal one 2 years ago that I didn't like and my glass one I LOVE recently) Confront him because I did and he apologized and bought me new ones. But damn man, thats fucked up if your stash is light.
  4. me and my friends are pretty communal, but we always ask first.
  5. u need to talk to him bruh.

    he is your bestfriend rite?

    all should be well.

    dont burn the bridge over this one tho..

    unless he keeps doin things like this
  6. Definitely confront. That shit warrents a fucking write off.

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