Best friend struck by a train

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    2 years ago my bff and I were hit by a fast fucken train, the train grazed my ass but killed my friend, we were high at the time. I was tromitized as fuck the first year but i got over it. But now i have no sense of humour and im depressed, I can't find a girlfriend and I guess I can't communicate well. Can anybody help?

    Here's the video of the incedent
    on YouTube.

    I started making music after his death, thank you all for being very supportive about this topic, it really has helped! if you love rap / hip hop check out my latest tracks!

    Stay awsome! :D
  2. What's the story behind this?

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  3. man that sucks.  Im sorry that had to happened.  If you don't mind telling, what is the full story? 
    Certain things in life you will never get over completely.  That is traumatizing and will be with you forever.  However, its not a bad thing and you can live a normal life, even a happy life.  
    I think time will definitely help but you also need to try and find new people to get to know and hang out with.  Eventually you will get your humor back and be able to socialize better and better.
  4. Who fucks around with trains n shit ?
    who the fuck does that, for real ?
    listen, you've probably been smoking weed and doing other drugs and alcohol non-stop since your friend died to deal with it...ok cool.
    you want to sort yourself out ?
    stop all drugs and alcohol , get your head straight, then you can resume your life ,
    or you can just stay in your miserable state and feel pity for yourself.
    your choice
  5. Got high after school, He asked me to play chicken with him, I said yes, we both got hit, I lived. He died.
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    Hey no need for tasteless humor. This was obviously traumatic for him. Keep your insensitivity to yourself.

    Op: you need to sit and talk to a professional.
  7. Insensitive prick.
  8. Buttthurt internet tough guy.....
  9. I'm not being a tough guy at all. I'm just pointing out your lack of empathy. There's no need to post here if you're going to be a sarcastic asshole.
  10. You're joking about his friend that died. You're a pathetic excuse for human if you think this is funny.
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    just because you lived, and he died, you should NOT EVER FEEL GUILT.
    God did not make a decision that you should live, and he should die...that's if you believe in God.
    The fact of the matter is he asked you to come along with him and play chicken. So he instigated a dangerous game with you. He knew the risks. 
    Your friend was getting enjoyment out of the adrenaline rush from "fight or flight" survival mechanism in human beings.
    You being the smarter person, saved yourself from being killed. Him being the not-so-smart individual , made a bad choice and paid the price with his life.
    This is not your fault in any-way shape or's nobodys' fault except for the guy that passed away because he wanted to beat you at a silly game with the risk of death.
    You being alive now, you probably make smarter decisions in your life...which is a good thing. You realize death can remove a person from this world forever - and that ain't funny.
    You sound like a good guy , you will get better in time.
    Honestly bro , i recommend you try doing the following ;
    Stop all drugs and alcohol ,
    Eat Healthy , plant based foods. Avoid garbage food as much as possible.
    Start doing some form of excersize you find fun , could be running , biking , or weight lifting - your choice.
    After some months, you will feel like a new person. Your body will be riding itself of toxins , your body will be in cleansing mode ,
    This will improve your spirit & mood. You will feel like a new person.
    Then, you can slowly reintroduce yourself to drugs , this time knowing that you're healthy and using drugs to boost your-already-healthy and new self.
    You will be a new man. But , like everything good in this world, it will cost a price...and the price in this case is time & patience.
    Goodluck OP
  12. reported , your personality sucks dick leave GC
  13. Reported.
  14. For?
  15. OP, IMO therapy helps. I imagine you've had nightmares about this. I know that I probably would have nightmares. If you're thinking that perhaps the death was your fault, stop thinking that way. Accidents happen. Such is life. Please seek a professional therapist to discuss this situation. A public forum is fine but, IMO professional help is much better and much more effective in general.
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    Agreed, an event that traumatic doesn't seem like something that would be easy to get over on your own.
  17. You two were playing chicken with a fucking train??? .......... Why? Im sorry about your friend but...... Just.... Why?

    you sir are living proof that Indians did fuck buffalo :metal:
  19. You need to rethink your character, man. Karma is a bitch, and she will catch up to you. We know you are only causing trouble here because you probably have some self-esteem issues and want to take it out on someone else.

    Dont worry, I'd hate me too if I were you.
    first you was like......
    then you was like......
    now you is like.....
    now we is like......

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