Best Friend Moving To Japan

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  1. I just got news that my best friend, who's in the marines, was ordered to go to Japan for the next three years. damn, that shit hit me like a ton of bricks. he's been stationed in Cali (we're both from NC) for the past few months so I haven't seen him in a while. still, it's a whole different ball game to know that he's going to another country and I won't see him, or text or call for the next three years. it's crazy cuz he doesn't know a lick of Japanese and he's leaving behind a girlfriend of almost four years.
    it just sucks. I know he's not leaving forever, but damn, three years is a long time. by the time he comes back we'll be able to drink legally, and where's the fun in that? we won't even be able to text each other regularly like we do now. oh well, it is what it is. I'll miss the good old days of getting fucked up and throwing up in public from drinking four lokos (never again, that shit is the devil) and getting super blazed and mad paranoid from smoking mids and prank calling chicks while drunk. good memories. just have to accept the fact that things change. we can't be reckless, stupid juveniles forever. I went on to university and he went off to the marines. it's like my partner in crime is leaving. just wanted to share this because this is one of those rare occasions where I feel emotions :( until next time man. this next bowl is for you bro

  2. Why the fuck does the US have soldiers in Japan
  3. Lol us troops are everywhere. That's how America swangs it's dick
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     thats why
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    God damn dude, you know you shouldn't feel too bad for your friend i'm pretty sure they have brothels filled with robot sex dolls in Japan. 
    I wish i was joking. 
  6. Well, at least it's not forever man!
  7. That sucks. My pops was stationed over at Japan to. Okinawa I think.
  8. Shoot him in the leg so he gets discharged with purple hearts, blue rainbows and pink unicorns.
  9. Marines aren't soldiers. Soldiers are in the army. Marines are simply marines.

    Anyway, I was in the marines and I have friends all over the US. In the military you get used to saying goodbye to people that you love. A lot.

    Fortunately, your friend is going to have the time of his life. All of my friends who were stationed in Japan absolutely loved it. Your friend is going to have an insane experience.

    My Husband and his best friend were separated for 4 years when my husband went to the marines and his best friend went navy. Now that we're getting divorced, they live together and it's like old times.

    They always played computer games together and video games and kept up with each other on Facebook.

    If he's really your friend, you'll keep in touch. Everything will be fine.
  10. I gotta nephew going to japan in couple months .. hes about to do two years hez with them navy bastards ... we wish'em well n much luck .. im just hoping he doesnt cross any of them foolz from the da japanese mob ... cuz id hate to see'em comin back with only 9 fingers ..
  11. Man that would be a cool experience. If i knew i would get stationed in Japan instead of sent to war i probably would enlist lol

    Anyhow why wouldn't you be able to talk to him on the phone? I was able to talk to a friend stationed in North Korea via the internet so i don't see why Japan would be any different.

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