Best friend moved away with no notice

Discussion in 'General' started by Alphå, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. One day my friend (different friend then the one in the title) calls me and tells me that Jeff, one of my best buddies up and moved to florida (from MA) one day.

    He didnt finish highschool and I guess it was kinda hard watching all his friends go away to college while he was 'stuck'. He had a job on the weekends, but that just isn't enough, ya know?

    Anyways, he up and moved with a friend and didnt even call me. I'm kinda disappointed, kinda pissed, but I miss him. On a night like this I would be like... hey I got herb, I got a car, I wonder what Jeff;s up to?

    So many good memories. This growin up thing sucks really bad.
  2. sounds like...Good Will Hunting? ehhh, thats no good, leaving without notice.
  3. I actually havent seen it.. I should torrent that.

    I keep thinking how it sucks that we cant hang out, but then I think of things in his perspective and I know everything is better for him. Plus, to someone whos never left new england, florida is a tropical parasise.
  4. It's a good movie. I did that to some friends once when I lived in AZ, I was 15 or 16 and just left to go back to my hometown in Ohio without telling them I was leaving. I just suck with goodbye's and at the time was selfish enough to just take the easy road.
  5. that sucks man, thats a real shitty thing for a friend to do. my condolences go out to you, its realy hard when people just leave and never say goodbye. my ex gf was planning the same thing, i just found out about it first
  6. Kinda strange how childhood friendships end. I tried and tried to keep up with all my old friends after highschool. I re-peat (I). Didn't seem to work both ways. At this point I have no contact with any of those guys, but think about them and the good times nearly everyday. Life goes on, I truely hope they are all in good places.
  7. Yeah, im about 4 years out of high school now and i can feel how we are all drifting apart. But in retrospect, i kind of like it that way. I kind of expected it to work that way anywho...
  8. It does suck. We all drift away, it's just a part of of growing up. My best friend moved back to St. Louis, my other friend moved back home to Massachusetts, and I'm moving to Oregon. It's fucked, but its just the way it is. Of course, Me and my homies grew up in this shit hole little town where nothing is going to happen, so it's inevitable. Just remember the good times, and try to stay in contact via cell phone/internet. Thats all that we can do.
  9. Back when I graduated two good friends of mine did the same thing. I really don't understand why the hell they never said anything, it's whack. It did suck though not having them to smoke with anymore and they missed out on some crazy parties that our classmates had at the end of the year. But I guess that shit happens when everyone grows up and starts taking life more seriously, it really blows, and it's a weird thing to become adjusted to, you know?
    No worries though Alpha, if you really want to get a hold of him I'm sure you could, are you going to try? Does he still have his cell phone?
    Let me know man.
  10. i still have alot of friends i went to highschool with, but many of my circle faded...two of them went into unionized trade work with me, 4 of em went to college around here, and the other two out of the circle moved to cali/florida...

    as for them moving away unexpected, like you said, new england life isnt pretty anymore unless your an intellectual with degrees to prove it, and a place like florida for an average new englander is like heaven...if he had no high school diploma theres still tons of work for him, and the buds are sweet down there

    i hope you can find him one day and you guys can chill again...but that still sucks...quite sorry for the loss of a friend
  11. sounds like a type of guy who would just randomly call you up and say hey man and ask for a smoke out or something shady after leaving. Nothing personal. kind of lame tho leaving w/o saying anything
  12. Yeah man, the growing up thing sucks hard man, but thats the way it is. Times change, people change, shit changes. Its life dog.
  13. People said the real world sucks, but they never said it would suck this hard.
  14. Ohh it blows. Just shrug it off, man. Nothing more ya can do.

    "Life sucks, get a fuckin' helmet!"


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