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  1. so last night me and a few friends decided to get drunk and have a little party. my one friend, we'll call him B, doesnt smoke. he likes my other friend, we'll call her K, however she doesnt like him. I had tried hooking them up before but it didnt work. so last night after we start drinking a little bit, b goes to help some girl who was throwing up. K then gets on top of me and starts making out, one thing leading to another, and we end up having sex

    now at this point i was probably 15 or 16 beers in, pretty damn drunk. i wasnt even thinking. B walks out and sees us under a blanket and realizes whats going on. him and another friend of mine leave and go back to Bs house. B is thoroughly pissed at me right now.

    however, ive always been a good friend to B, putting him before myself all the time. I apologized for last night but hes still pissed. he has done worse to me before though, he made up a bunch of shit to my previous girlfriend to try and get me fucked over cause he wanted her, and thats when he was sober. hes always been this way.

    What do you guys think I should do? i apologized to him and brought up the point that i was really drunk and that hes done worse to me before, purposely trying to get me fucked over. B is my best friend and i dont want him to stay pissed at me, but i also think its ridiculous how he is overreacting
  2. Sounds like a shitty friend
  3. just give it some time and shit will probally b forgotten about
  4. Get a cell phone video of her blowing you and text it to him. Then beat him up.

    Seriously though, if he dogged you out to your girl before because he wanted her, then he's a douche bag and not a friend.

  5. he really does man, friends or not, you shouldnt be feeling guilty about this
  6. im suprised you guys were friends for this long. sounds like your "friend" is an asshole
  7. Your friend sounds like a dick. Atleast you got some ass.
  8. agreed
  9. Sounds like someone you would be better off without. If you don't want to ditch him yet, leave him alone for a week and he'll come back to you
  10. sounds like he cares more about getting vag than you. and that, is no friend at all
  11. man these guys all need to smoke salvia, they wil forget about all of their problems hahahahaha

  12. why not weed?:confused:
  13. just straight up tell him i was drunk and you know she dont like u anyway and remeber the time yyou tried to get my ex girl? and if hes still a dick then fuck him a shitty friend
  14. If it was me... some dude was telling my girl some shit behind my back to try and get with her I would have beat his ass a long time ago and would not be friends at this point... but then if this happened id just laugh at him and tell him to do something about it.
  15. Understanding you two are friends, you probably shouldn't of done that, but since you were drunk, you can't really blame yourself. And based on the past of you two, sounds like he's done much worst to you. So you should just bitch at him and be like, you tried to get with my girl.. I didn't even try to get with your bitch she came onto me, sorry the broad doesn't like you, plus I was fifteen beers in, c'mon, your lucky I didn't beat your ass when you tried to get with my girl. and than do this :bongin: and blow the smoke in his face. problem solved.
  16. thanks everyone. i know hes kind of a shitty friend but hes always been cool to chill with. i talked to him about everything and brought up the fact that he tried to fuck me over before and he said he knew he wasnt being fair to me now. he says hes still pissed but he'll get over it and its not a big deal. so today we're gonna go to hogwild and everything should be cool lol. thanks again

  17. hell yea
  18. Man, don't apologize to him. That's the way life works. Girls like some guys, and not others, and guys like every girl. You got lucky, and it was through no fault of your own. He's fucked you over in the past in a similiar fashion (with a girl you actually had, not just wanted to have). If he knows she didn't like him, and he had no chance, he can't be mad. There's no man rule that says you can't tap a friend's love interest when he has no chance with her. If he hasn't touched it, you're in the clear.
  19. There's no such thing as dibs.
  20. Okay, dude, have you ever heard two wrongs don't make a right? So, sitting here trying to justify what you did by comparing to his actions is wrong. You are supposed to try to act opposite of what is sheisty, right?

    And, in my opinion, I don't care who you are, if you know I have a thing for someone you better be asking me if you can hit that. I've gone through this shit before and I will honestly say some bitch felt my wrath.

    She was my best friend too. :D

    I'm not saying he should or shouldn't forgive you, but try to put yourself in his shoes for a sec.

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