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  1. Has any onw ever had sex with there best freinds sister?? Cause yesterday all three of us smoked and well my freind passed out and things led to another and we did it. Should i like tell my freind??
  2. Sure man tell him, great idea.
  3. Maybe you should learn to spell friend first, and yes go ahead and tell him but prepare for a metal baseball bat swing to the head and you're never seeing your so called "Friend" again you asshole.
  4. uhhhh.. How good of a friend is he and how pissed do you think he would be?
  5. My best friend just tryed to seduce my girl... Were not dating but i'm still gonna beat him senseless, if he tried the same thing with my sister he would be dead..

    So I can imagine your boy might be a little PO'd when he figures out
  6. Weve been friends all through school sinse kindergarten (sorry for the spelling) and like i sorta want to tell him but first get him really really baked so he wont take it as bad.
  7. nah man just sounds like you're a little too aggressive and over protective

    OP: You better start dating her. Your best friend isn't just going to let you smash and dash on his sister. Why? because that hurts girls feelings. That's why friends don't like friends fooling with their sister, because they don't want to see their sisters hurt. So grow up, act like a man, and tell him, "look man, I had sex with your sister, but I'm going to treat her with respect"

    unless that's a lie and you don't plan on taking her out, then be prepared to face the consequences of your actions like a man (your friend taking a swing at you) and remember YOU are in the wrong for hitting and quitting his sister

  8. Yea bro but everyone sobers up haha. Unless you feel really and/or you actually would like to date her I probably wouldn't bring it up. What happened is between you and her not you friend. Take her into consideration as well.
  9. I like wanna tell my freind and ive know his sister practically all my life as well shes only a year older and shes like one of us she smokes wit us and shit n plays xbox and watever shes mad chill. I sorta just dont wanna talk about this again though like idk if its gunna b awkward near her now
  10. I before e except after c
  11. Honestly the best thing you could do in this situation is fuck his sister hardcore . slapping her and biting. set it up so he walks in the room just as you are climaxing, pull out of his sister look him dead in the eye, shoot ur load drop a shit out of your ass and yell yahtzee
  12. Joke about how hot she is, and all the dirty things you'd eat out of her ass... If he doesn't laugh, you gotta poker face hard. If he laughs, you're in.
  13. it depends how much of a whore his sister is. if shes a hoe he wouldn't care as much cause he'd be like "ahh w/e man shes a hoe" nawimeen?
  14. Seems to me like if his sister enjoyed it, then there should be no problems. Now if she was completely unconscious, then that's a whole different story...
  15. been there done that
  16. I made out with a good friends sister, and I was straight up with him. He didn't really trip too much.

    Be honest.

  17. Ooooooo I like where this is goin :ey::ey::ey::ey::ey::ey::ey::ey: [​IMG]
  18. Ask if he wants to join next time..
  19. kill them.. kill the shit out of them....... no witnesses....dotdotdot
  20. Well for one thing you should def. post what happens after you tell him. Just make sure you can see......after those shiners your prolly gonna get....lawls ;)

    But seriously, the best thing to do is tell him. You guys have been boys your whole life, just man up and do it.

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