Best free game I have ever played

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by CrazEpharmacist, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. u srs bout this?

    Are the graphics any good?
  2. yeah there the best ive ever seen. But i have liek a super computer so idk how itll look for you
  3. my comp handles cs5 no problem
  4. play this shit its sooooo good. I suggest being a medic. Best class in my opinion,
  5. Game companies are noticing a big shift in the gamers market.
    People are playing free games and then paying out big for the perks in the games.
    Hell I play this game called Trickster and I've paid out $300 to it. Sad, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

    Anyways, that game looks fuckin sick.
  6. Fuck micro transactions.
  7. An old friend gave me Kill Switch (PS2) fo free once and I must say I enjoyed it, the gameplay was really fun
  8. lol im down.

    As you can assume, my name is Sirsog in there....
  9. ive been playing the shit out of this.

    lvl 25 engineer.

    i rock choppers and suck at jets lol
  10. as soon as its done installing itself ill be raging it as well hahahahaha
  11. lets get down on this sirsog.
  12. haha i played for a few mins before my lunch break, got pwned a few times, pwned some obvious noobs. I think its time to vape up, and shoot out huh?

    I havent really looked around the interface or anything, is there a way to choose servers, or at this point is all all wild card throwing people into servers n shit?
  13. all random servers, but at the main internet screen is where you can add friends and such.

    im pigpen of course.

    also r4peyourface.
  14. haha i got your request.

    Who the hell is Katzroy though? Someone in here im assuming
  15. level 14 assault looking for medic to play with by feeding off each others boxes

    my name is leanpocket in game

  16. I'm Katzroy lol. Only able to play a couple days add me if you want guys.
  17. woot, only played for... i dunno 25-30 mins got to lvl 3 (fucking NOOOOOB status hahahahaha) tomorrow ill prolly rage this, then on wed for the 3-4 hours im stuck at work i MAY be too high to play it, but we shall se
  18. I've played a couple days, almost level 11.

    Medic's are my favorite, I have one of each soldier though.

    Game has potential, but micro-transactions are pretty lame.
  19. yea.... im glad its still in beta lol... it needs serious improvements...

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