Best free game I have EVER played, come join me people!

Discussion in 'General' started by Vicious, Jul 23, 2007.


    Travel the world free surfing (single player) and bodyboarding, join tours or compete in compitions. (online) You also get to put points on you're character to have him better. Its tricky, but once you get a hold of it you can't stop. I've been plaing it for over 4 hours.
  2. I'll check it out tomorrow. This weed is insanely good ...
  3. Ill check it out tomorrow as well, this chronic tonic is really good.
  4. that game is awesome dude + rep
  5. im checking this shit out right now, its way fun by its hard to get used to
  6. Heh..True that..
  7. Whats your names, i'll add to friends and we'll have a contest or something.

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