Best forums ever?

Discussion in 'General' started by 2Packed, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. I was just thinking, I reall like these forums, I think they are the best forums I have ever used, reasons -

    1. You can talk about MJ without worrying...
    2. Someone is ALWAYS online...
    3. Almost everyone is friendly, e.g. you make a post saying that you have got 800 posts, people say "well done mate" etc not "fuck off who cares" like most other forums would.
    4. No one really tries to show off or be agressive.

    Feel free to debate, add more reasons etc...
  2. very true. there are so many forums with A-holes. this one is very chill and if you look at the stats, there are hundred of people on at any given time (most of which are guests). sometimes it does move a lil slow though

    [edit] View Who's Online \t
    Most users ever online was 553, 04-02-2006 at 02:45 PM

    we broke records recently!
  3. Im very surprisied cause I asked for some help a few days ago and many guys did help me.. it´s good to know that we´re all a bunch of good people :D :D :D
  4. Someones always online but there many times where this forum is dead

    There are plenty of agressive dickheads on these forums, one who comes to mind...nvm
  5. I personally do not find this to be the "best forum". I am sorry, but it is tiring to hear so many people talk without any consideration to grammar punctuation or just plain common sense. While I understand that theseoccur due to the fact that this forum is based around a substance that does not allow for full functionality most the time, it is rather annoying. That doesn't mean that I don't throughouly enjoy the content matter of this website, I just know that personally there are better places for me.
  6. i agree also i really havent met one asshole on the forum everyone seems so laidback why beucas were all stoned:D

  7. Personally this is the best forum ive been on. Though, there are still a few assholes around. And a simple spell check button would fix that problem. I seen some other place have one.
  8. This is a great forum. Friendly communities are always good.
  9. Sorry, were you talking about my grammer?

    I am very surprised that this thread has generated negative responces...
  10. This is indeed the best forum I've been on. There is one with just some of my online pals on it that I'm a mod of, but it moves so slowly, it's not really interesting.

    People do seem to be really nice here and I feel like I belong. Yey! :wave:
  11. ^^ Don't worry so much about grammar. It's the internet. You're not getting a grade.
  12. Amen.
  13. I was speaking more in general, and more towards some posts that just simply cannot be read...
    and read the bold print, its rather humorous...
  14. I love GC Its the best. Yea there are some a-holes but we do things to weed them out, use the rep system.
  15. yeah this forum is really great. it's big, everyone's helpful, and it's great for when you're bored!
  16. And that is exactly why they should legalize MJ. Everyone is so much nice :D

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