Best Food You've Munched On, High?

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  1. Title says it all. Go go go!

    The best food I've eaten while high is... well... I can't remember... I was ripped!:smoking:
  2. Anything Cinnabon.



  3. Theres this chinese place that delivers here and there is a combo and it has Lemon chicken, beef and brokely, chiken fried rice, and an egg roll, and the serving size is pretty filling, i got ripped and ordered 2 i passed out from how good it fucking tasted ahaha
  4. Cheez-Its

    the Four-Cheese Italian or the Hot & Spicy.

    Fucking bliss.
  5. Chocolate milk with a chopped up banana in it.
  6. Local place that makes the best food.. Mushroom pizza and fries ahhhhhh man was so good. I know it sounds plain and boring but man it was amazing.
  7. Crab Rangoons. Crab Rangoons. More Crab Rangoons.
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    If you haven't yet, you need to.





    Do it. Now. Not unless you're baked though, and have a glass of milk (preferably chocolate) on stand by.
  9. anything crunchy...doritos, fritos, lays, pringles, bacon, cookies, crackers, etc.
  10. Peanut butter and chocolate covered Oreos......... pizza of course, garlic bread, and pulpy orange juice!

  12. Everybody knows those little snackpack puddings right? (made famous by Billy Madison)
    And we all know and love Chocalote dipped quaker granola bars, or just chewy chocolate chip. Well if you don't have those go buy them, NOW!!
    Step 1. Go to fridge and grab snackpack pudding, preferably vanilla.
    Step 2. Don't grab a spoon, fuck that bullshit.
    Step 3. Go to pantry or whatever and grab granola bar.
    Step 4. Open both and dunk the granola bar in there in place of spoon, taking bites.

    you can thank me later...
  13. Burgers with mayo, cream cheese, and peanut butter as toppings.

    Dino egg oatmeal and cream of wheat made with almond milk and cream mixed in.

    Rice pudding with mint chocolates mixed in.

    Greek yogurt and blueberries mixed with cream of wheat.

    My aunt's maple fudge. Almost shat my pants when i tasted that high.
  14. A balanced breakfast.

  15. omfg yes

    its so creamy in my mouth, and it just feel like a unicorn jizzed out a chocolaty rainbow of awesomeness

    and a nice cold class of milk to wash it down, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  16. You are correct! I was completely baked last night after downing too much cannabis tincture. I'd just come home from watching my daughter's basketball game. I think I came in my pants while eating snackpack pudding, it was that f'n good. Didn't think to dunk a granola bar, maybe next time!
  17. Went to this chinese restaurant like 40 minutes away with a couple friends.

    This place gives huge portions and they keep bringing the food; we had general cho chicken, all kinds of rice and sauces, and the vegetable special that night was mushrooms so they brought us like 5 different types.

    That place was amazing
  18. what movie is your sig from

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