Best food while high

Discussion in 'General' started by cochornis, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. What is your favorite food while high? I'd have to say mine is Taco Bell by far!
  2. Taco Bell is good no doubt but a good steak at a nice restaurant is by far my favorite.
  3. Don't get me wrong that would be great but who can afford a fancy steak every day when you're high. That's weed money! Haha
  4. As long as its healthy :eek:
  5. Since when were munchies healthy?! :p
  6. Vanilla ice cream dipped in milk

    Tortilla chips and queso (and milk too)

    I like to break up the tortilla chips and put them in the queso cheese and eat it with a spoon

    To improve it even more i microwave melt shredded cheese on the tortilla chips and THEN break it up and put it in the queso

    Then eat the tortilla chips-melted cheese-queso casserole thing with a spoon :p
  7. ^^ I'm gonna have to start smoking with this iron chef and save some money! :p

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  8. Haha thanks man

    Once i discovered it, after changing my pants from the tonguegasm i was like "i gotta share this with gc" hahaja

    Fuckin amazing munchies food haha
  9. Well now it's time to share with some PEOPLE :) haha.

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  10. sub-fucking-way. omg buffalo chicken with avacado and cheese on italian herbs and cheese bread. it is a mouthgasm when your high
  11. Forgot about subway man! But you gotta try Italian BMT on Italian herb and cheese then get lettuce tomato onion green peppers banana peppers jalapeños and chipotle sauce! Best sub I've ate.

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  12. In n out, no where makes a better burger n fries.
  13. lmfao what does bmt even mean? and the word chipotle reminded me of a restaurant around where i live called chipotle, i dont know if its a just where i live kinda thing though, but anyways, i changed my mind THAT is the best munchie food in the world, their burrito with homemade guac. is simply insanity. its so good you dont care how full you are, you just want more. after i was sick to my stomach from how much i ate, i purposley smoked a bunch of bud just so i could finish what i had.
  14. Look just next time when you go to subway pop open GC and order exactly what I said haha, btw BMT = Ham, Salami, pepperoni

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  15. hahaa ok ill give it a try :p

  16. Double double animal style, fries made extra crispy with cheese over them, and a chocolate shake. All day.
  17. wendys or mcdonalds or taco bell. :smoking:
  18. meatball sub with a shit load of mozzarella

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