Best food to eat while baked?

Discussion in 'General' started by Hendo21, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Besides the obvious, what are some really good foods to eat in particular while you're high?
    I've always like Shockers hard candies, Burger king vanilla cones, tostitos chips with pace hot sauce...
    I also work at Pizza Hut and I take 2 pepperonis as bread and put a jalapeno with 3 pineapple slices and make it a sandwich, good god is it good.
    What are some of your best foods to eat while your head is straight?

  2. miniture versions of anything

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  3. me an my friend always buy the airheads extremes its like so many flavors at once and its just like... like... uuhhghgg tits in your mouth idk
  4. Salads are cool because of all the different textures n sheit

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  5. Pizza.
    Calamari is epic when baked with some lime mayo.
    Any sweets/crisps etc
    BEER if your more into a liquid diet

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  6. Fruits. 
    Vegetables. (Celery and peanut butter? HELL YEAH).
    Mainly fruits.
  7. I'm with unsuspicious, fruit is where it's at! And smoothies, protein shakes, and monster energy drinks for the thirst.

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  8. Hot choclate with the little mini marshmallows man
    Definitely frooots.
  10. LOL at your pizza hut sammiches OP...Donuts are simply amazing when Im stoned
  11. A home made burger, 1 burger, fried egg, cheese,2 strips of crispy bacon, sauce (no salad) oh yeah

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  12. blueberry frosted mini wheats
  13. some home made food from ya mama or grandma

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  14. Hot pockets and ordering a ex large pepperoni pizza lol

    blaze it till the casket drops.
  15. Anything that tastes good and is in the house lol.
  16. Cereal ,meat ,Doritos........ 'nuff said.
  17. Lol,guy must of been high when he typed this
  18. I made this bomb new york strip steak a couple nights ago with a coffee and garlic cowboy rub, my new favorite
  19. Baked potato.... Bowl of Mini wheats with milk

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