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  1. Who was the best folk artist to ever live?

    I gotta say Neil Young...
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    i dont know about the best ever,

    but you picked young over dylan?


    i hope youre not measuring them by songwriting skills,

    or their influence upon other musicians,

    or popularity,

    or their effect upon the music industry.
  3. i dont really kno what classifies a folk singer but if dylan is one then i vote for him haha :smoking:

  4. Well...if I were picking by popularity I might have picked MCR or some other gay ass popular, I guess I should have been more specific:

    We're judging only on lyrical ability...

    And I still stand by Neil Young...he dwarfs Bob Dylan!
  5. I just saw Bob sunday... What a show. He's got my vote for sure
  6. Neil Young is brilliant and one of my favorites, but Dylan still trumps all.
  7. I'd have to go with dylan.
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    There is no doubt about it that Bob Dylan is the folk rock musician, but he started a rebirth of folk in the sixties but as he progressed in his career he had already gone electric in 1965 and began to turn to the rock and roll lifestyle, which i believe isn't anything what woodie guthrie the best folk artist did. So what i am trying to say is that bob dylan started the folk rock era which led to a folk and rock mixture of singing about random pointless things that flow into one very meaningful set of words and sounds really goood. and woodie guthrie just sang about his times and things that reached the people and made them want change, and that is what bob was, he started the 60s version of making the people want to change.

    Woodie Guthrie-BEst FOlk ARtist
    Bob Dylan-God/BEst folk/ ROck ARtist

    g13 ;)
  9. bob dylan doesnt consider himself a folk singer. so i dont know.
  10. i agree with drtysanch..woody guthrie is by far the best folk artist that ever lived.
  11. Check out Fred Neil
  12. im not so much into the folk genre, i do really like dylans early "folk" records, but the tricks he pulled from 1965-1969 are some of the most epic imagery of the sixties revolution. Dylan is an incredibly icon and personally, i have enjoyed every single album he has ever put out (except the Born Again Christian bs).
  13. i vote dylan, no question.

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