Best flushing solution... Clearex or FloraKleen?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by All4fun2, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. The SoCal water here is high in salts so I'm going to flush my flowering ladies soon. Just going on Amazon I see Botanicare's Clearex and General Hydroponics' FloraKleen which appear similar. Any thoughts out there on which one I should go with?
  2. What have yo been flushing with up to now?
  3. Been a while..Ya hiding out? LOL

    I use Floraclean only because it's a bit cheaper to use. I think both are about the same quality wise. Took a wiff and it smells a lot like sugar water..;)
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  4. Hi Mahmo, I have not been flushing with anything but tap water, but I am new at this so always looking for something better. In my last grow of 2 plants there were white calcium deposits or something like that.
  5. Yah, went off the grid there for a while!

    Sugar Water! Wow... I was hoping for something more exotic!
  6. there some SECRET INGREDIENTS that should make it more exotic..LMAO ;)
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  7. Heard it's pointless outdoors.... not entirely sure. What does the plant look like? Are the leaves yellow? Or deep green. If green then yea I might look into it if near harvest date. Otherwise just stop feeding nutes, only water and let it die
  8. Nvm. Heard it's pointless outdoors... in the ground. Prob not pointless in a pot
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  9. Can't you flush with just brown sugar, little hydrogen peroxide and regular tap water. That's what my friend does with his 320ppm tap
  10. And no secret ingredients..LMAO

    Seriously, I would think it would be just fine..A leeching agent is a leeching agent!;)
  11. Is a leeching agent like my brother who sponges money off other people? :)
  12. I'm in pots (5 gallon buckets actually) so not pointless to flush. My plants are amazingly healthy this time around but I had some fan leaves yellow and drop off as the plants transitioned from veg to flower. I understand that's very normal. The new flower growth is bright green, very healthy. But the water here is high ppm for dissolved solids.
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  13. LMAO 2.gif
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  14. wtf.gif
  15. OK, I get it... you think I have a lame sense of humor! :)
  16. Hell no..That was funny AF..:)

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