Best Five Bucks to Spend on Munchies Thread

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by Doughboy04, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. This thread is about the best munchies you can buy with 5 bucks. I say Little Ceasar's Large Pepperoni Pizza FTW.
  2. As many Ramen Noodles as possible.
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    Id say a good whatchamacalla and some BAWLS energy drink is the best $5 you can spend.

    BUT! if you can get $12 and go to Olive Garden; Soup, salad and bread sticks is the best food ever!!

    $7.95 for lunch + $2-4 tip and tax
  4. That soup is so good. Pasta e Fagioli. Gonna have to pick some of that up on the way back from class.
  5. chicken gnocci is the best.

    i work at the OG now as well, so i get mad discounts.
  6. I'd say go to 7/11, get a huge slurpee (they're like, $2 tops) and some nachos with cheese and chile on them. Very satisfying, especially for under $5.
  7. I hooked on them wendy's double stacks at the moment
  8. $1 Arizona Arnold Palmer
    $1 Arizona Grapeade (or some other fruit drink they make)
    $1 bag of hot cheeto fries (best snack ever)
    $1 Butterfinger
    $1 bag of white cheddar popcorn.

    Delicious AND healthy :p

    I've been to the gas station by my house while high way too many times.
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    Ah... I always try to keep my munchies in the 5-7 dollar range. Heres what I usually go for.

    Mini Mart:

    $1 Arizona Tea
    $1 flaming hot Cheetos (any bag of chips for the same price)
    $1.30 starbursts
    $1 Snickers
    .25 slim jims

    Perfect prices, wide variety of grub.

    Taco Bell:

    3 Layer Nachos and cheese $.79
    Cheesy Double Beef Burrito $.99
    Cinnamon Twists $.79
    Taco $.99


    Popcorn chicken and potato wedges for $2 (value menu, great size)


    Double Cheeseburger $1
    MC chicken sandwich $1
    Hot Fudge Sunday $1
    Small Coke $1
    Small Fry $1

    Sometimes you gotta go all out though, get a juicy steak or something.
  10. mcdonalds has a few things you can combine for $5, i would eat there non-stop in summer. Now i try to munch less or just for free and eat whats at home.
  11. 2 - Double Cheese Burgers $2
    1 - Med Fry $1.70
    1 - 20oz Mt Dew From a drive thru $1.25
  12. Steal someone else's order from mcdonalds by delaying urself in the drive thru..

    then spend your $5 on everything on the dollar menu =DD
  13. Me and my friends pretty much always go to taco bell after we blaze. One cheesy double beef, some nachos, and a small drink. I could live of that.
  14. Ramen ftw.
  15. Wendy's Super Value Menu

    $1.00 - Double Stack
    $1.00 - Crispy Chicken Sandwhich
    $1.29 - 5pc. Chicken Nuggets
    $1.59 - Frosty
  16. I've always been a fan of some extra hot n spicy chinese food

    the lunch special in my area is 5 dollars with an eggroll

    damn im hungry....
  17. Burger King #6 with No Tomatos, and a Dr. Pepper.

    $5.60. Exact change is always in my cup holder. Plus here, it's the only drive-thru open at 4:30am. So BK all the way.
  18. dollar menu :)
  19. 3/4 lb. of shell on shrimp
    cocktail sauce

    Cook, chill, nom.
  20. Hmmm... 5 dollar footlong?
    5 Burger King cheeseburgers
    5 KFC Snackers

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