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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by highventure, May 10, 2011.

  1. So friends I have come to share a story that I think is worthy of any toke forum on any website... It was my first time smoking ever... it was me and a few friends at a college and we had a quarter, I was really nervous at the time because I had never done anything else or even tried a cigarette so I was truly afraid... Anyways I took my first hit and I was in love, for my first time ever, I smoked about 4 bowls... I went out on a highventure with my friends... we watched the sunrise... It was so peaceful and beautiful. I wanted to try weed in the first place to be "that bad ass" but after I was high I realized it wasn't about that, it was so much more than that. I felt totally in touch with nature... I listened to the sound of a water fountain and realized that that ONE fountain made EVERY noise sound and music in the world all at once and never stopped... Then for some reason I couldn't keep from being happy... I smiled really big and hugged everyone and thanked them for sharing the greatness with me... Then I laughed a lot, stopped feeling high and we went back and smoked the rest of the quarter... There was nothing left... Please share your stories of your first toke... I want to hear what Gods gift has done to everyone else. :bongin::D:cool:
  2. I can't really describe my 'first toke' as eventful as yours. As i had the odd puff off some of my friends joints that didn't really do anything.
    However, as i was giving up trying weed, i was given a blunt to try... initially i felt a bit dizzy and unimpressed...
    Then it hit me.... i was sat down, sinking further into my chair as my arms started to buzz and feel warm. My neck felt strange when i turned to my friends and we all started to laugh uncontrollably because one of my friends shouted HEY guys! This weed is making my nipples burn!!.
    Then we played bulletstorm.
    It was a good night.
  3. haha yeah when i tried it for the first time, i didnt feel too much for the first half hour... i was let down because i thought i would be one of the guys that cant smoke weed because it does nothing and on top of that i spent gas money to get to my friends that live 30 miles away... woulda been a terrible waste... but then like i said after it kicked in it was great! haha

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