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Best first bong?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by Cjay95, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. Looking for recommendations, i'm not looking to spend a huge amount. I recently found out that bongs were a better way to conserve my stash, with me and my gf smoking blunts until now, any ideas whats relatively portable and gives a cool and smooth hit
  2. liking the idea of a hammer bubbler, think that's gonna be the next purchase :)
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  3. I feel like "relatively portable" and "smooth and cool hits" isn't very compatible. For smooth and cool hits, find one with at least one percolator and an ice catcher. From my experience, the ice is really the only thing that makes the smoke cooler. For portability, adding a percolator and ice catcher makes the bong quite some length already. If a bong the length of your forearm is okay and considered portable, then I guess that's alright.
  4. idk how much portability you really need, but a bong like this would get you covered pretty much in all aspects [​IMG] it's got no percs but i'm not really into them. btw if you are gonna buy a perc bong, i'd avoid the tree-percs that have too thin tubing, it gets clogged and doesn't have to be from greens, just resin will clog them up over a few days and it's so hard to clean it. a tree perc is the little green thing inside this bong [​IMG] as you can see, the first bong you can keep your session going for as long as you want to, but with a tree perc, which is what i own right now, it gets clogged after 2 days and i have to stop my session until i get the opportunity to clean it again, because when it's clogged you can't hit it at all
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  5. I have a simple 20 inch glass bong. It's got nothing but a tube and a downstem is taped several times and cost me 15 bucks. Without tape of course.
    Just visit your local head shop and see if they have a similar offer.
    Don't buy a 50 € bong I did that and broke it a month later
  6. he should buy a real glass bong, just be careful not to break it. i have my bong for more than 3 months
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  7. What does your perc get clogged with? I'm just asking because mine never gets clogged. I do, however, rinse and drain my bong after every use.
  8. some ammount of greens but mostly resin, i found a way to unclog it by filling the neck of the bong the blowing on it , the resin chunks come off right away but some of it always stays and it quickly builds up fast
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    it probably would help if i rinsed after every sesh like u tho
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  10. in the end my gf surprised me with one really similar to the first one posted by monkeymon, i have to say its pretty damn good, and its glass, only cost £15 ($20). Once i've got a hammer bubbler i'm considering the chongz steamroller since it seems quite small and portable
  11. post pics dude we all love bongs here
  12. IMG_7106.JPG That's the one, I think it was reduced because the pinstriping on it is fucked haha
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  13. that's a nice little bong, that dome-perc will never clog on you like mine does. congrats
  14. glad to hear it's a good one, especially considering that it wasnt expensive :)
  15. Nice --- thats all you really need for a bong.... I've got one thats similar. My only gripe is that the bowl tends to clog easily --- I put a screen in it to keep it cleaner and it seems to clog up very quickly - even tho I don't smoke that much. Cheap thin glass that will break if you mistreat it, but it works well and when it does break, you're not out that much. Mine is just passing the 2 year mark....

    Hint --- use a nickle as a bowl snuffer and cover.

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