Best filter suggestion for my setup.

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  1. Hey guys, I'm currently doing a very small 2 plant auto grow in a little tent in my closet. I've got a "1000 watt" led and two fans, one right outside the tent and one inside.

    I'm not looking for the traditional filter and inline fan, I'm actually looking for any suggestions on any standalone air filters that you normally see for animals or other things. Something like this kinda but one step up ($200-250 max)

    If anyone has any experience with this I would really appreciate it. My concern with using your average inline filter / fan is mainly the noise and a few other concerns.

  2. Also just for reference I know this wont completely mask the smell or anything. I'm in a (somewhat) legal state so I don't need to fully mask the smell of weed. Just need to have something that will help it not smell so utterly dank.
  3. If you're not worried about the smell I'd suggest an A/C dehumidifier fan combo
    With duel tubes
    It intakes and exhausts. You can find them new or used from 100$ - 250$ [​IMG]

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  4. That's definitely along the lines of what I'm thinking. So it would probably help absorb the smell but not completely mask it aye?.
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  5. I run both carbon filter exhaust and the
    A/C Unit the exhaust on the a/c unit gets warm on both dehumidifier and AC in the room stays cool and dry
    But I can say my plants are in 3rd week of flower and u cant smell a thing outside where they exhaust to .
    I think maybe the heat burns the smell off

    You coul also add something inline to mask the smell if it gets really crazy and right befor harvest it can get crazy
    1 plant smells as much as 6

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  6. You might want to re-think your idea of not using a traditional carbon filter / fan setup.
    Those HEPA filters are geared toward removing smoke, dust, and allergens from the air, not smelly molecules.
    The element carbon nabs the stinky molecules.
    You need a 4 inch fan with carbon filter to exhaust from the tent into a space whose air won't come directly back into the tent.

    From the Amazon answered questions:
    Q: Since this is 253nm in spectra without ozone production will it kill cannabis growing smells still?
    A: Google; "How to control cannabis smells". There, you will find the equipment you need. GermGuardian will not serve your purpose.
    By Ray on February 12, 2017See other answers
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  7. before you leap, consider the a/c infinity s4 in the corner on top of a 4 inch carbon filter. You can run it very low below audible but also run it high enough to eliminate smell. Combine that with a traditional fan for ventilation. I found this combo to beat any venting system I tried both for odor and air movement, heat and smell, and especially in my case, noise. I live or die by decibles.
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  8. I have to ask why you are buying that filter/fan .
    If you have a fungi or mold issue I can understand and it might help , but the wat to fight fungi is thru Temp/humidity and ventilation If you can control Humidity and Ventilation normally you got control over fungi issues .
    The UVC bulb in the filter also emits a deadly ozone that will kill everything singled celled .
    Insect egg larva , fungi, mold the skin on your body, and the leafs on your plants .

    Personally I am not sure how efficient that filter an will control fungi .
    Normally the plant dies before the fungi does from using UVC rays and ozone .
  9. Go with a carbon filter fan combo. Itll be your best bet

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