best fight video ever

Discussion in 'General' started by bonez, Aug 29, 2007.

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  2. This is hilarious. The best part is right before he gets hit with the board when he realizes hes screwed. The delayed crying like a preschooler is a nice touch too. Bravo.
  3. Oh Thats Good
  4. I chuckled.
  5. hahah i just watched it like 30 times and it was just as funny everytime
  6. hahah fuckin hilarious
  7. i laughed haha
  8. lmao i love when ppl post random vids like this, hilarious
  9. for real, i think that kid might have mental problems.

    Im not tryin to be funny or some sick shit like that. Just seen to many situations go down like that when the kid who ends up in the shitter has some kind of mental condition. Always ends up the same.

    Could be wrong. If i am, then fuckin hilarious vid haha. That kid will be scared for life now.
  10. HAhahahah, I got hit with a skateboard, but I use to skateboard so my legs were always fucked up, didn't hurt at all. That kid is just funny.

    "QUIT talkin" *Thawck*


    "...... whaaaAAAAAAAAAHHH"
  11. I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING hahah that kid was just like Oh shit!! boom! and then he started crying hahaha. we're so cruel.
  12. What kind of fight was that, it was throwing objects try the old fasion fist to fist fight. Still very funny when the kid goes down wimps like a bitch, looks like that would barley hurt. I'm sure you could whoever is fighting would kick his ass if hes gonna cry and go down w/ a skateboard getting thrown at him. All I know is that wouldn't be enough to take a big guy like me at 6'4, sort of cheap, but correct me if im wrong did he hit him 1st with what looks like to be a fishing rod kind of hard to see, so at the same time its justified. Just when the movie ends sounds like your all callin him a cry baby and also what was the motivation behind the fight?? That would be nice to know, please don't tell me it was all about you guys talking shit on each other such a dumb reason to fight, only fight to defend the weak and yourself. Also you can tell the kid is running from the fight the whole time, not ready to take any kind of damage, srry but i couldn't stop laughin after i saw it, replayin it over and over.
  13. LOl good vid. he thought he was tough with that whip and got owned. Personally i would of thrown the fucking board at him even harder to really fuck his shit up.

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