Best Fiber Rich Sweet Treat Ever?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by SsmokeWeed, Dec 2, 2011.

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    This??? :yay:
  2. They are fucking danklicious. I just picked up some strawberry ones
  3. Dude, I just eat em dry like chips.

    Plus something good to drank

  4. Omg don't remind me.. I downed an entire bag of spicy doritos and i dont like to think about chips. my stomach was so fucked up this morning but I had the munchies
  5. Im not sold on the chocolate milk, but them shredded wheat damn fuck good.
  6. Hell yeah. Those are one of my favorite munchies. I especially like to let them get a little soggy so when you bite into them they explode in your mouth. :cool:
  7. Dry? Wet? I don't give a fuck, they're delicious. :smoke:
  8. Those honey wheat ones are bomb :smoke:
  9. Wow.....i click on my first thread and its the same thing im eating hahahah
  10. Have you guys tried the fruit filled frosted mini Wheats? They are delicious I love them with really reallllly cold milk. Great treat after a smoke
  11. They seem like such a fraud.

    I go O.G. with my cereals, thank you.
  12. Anyone remember rice crispy TREATS cereal? it was the best. It wasn't just the puffed rice but was nuggets of the treats. They don't sell it anymore and can't figure out why. It was the BEST.
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    ^ those things were the bombb, i didnt realize they had gone away? i found some on amazon lol. place your orders people.
  14. I've seen them there too, they must be ancient. The brand doesn't list it as a product on their website anymore.
  15. when i read the title of the thread i assumed you were talking about these


    I am disappoint

  16. WHATTA SHAME WHATTTA SHAMEEE, but ayee frosted mini wheats are pretty good too.:rolleyes: i bet those on amazon are pretty damn old if they even exist,

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