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  1. Thinking of purchasing my first seeds from Does anyone have a recomendation, or a better place to buy? I just finished my first grow and it went amazing till one turned hermie last 2 weeks of flowering. Looking for a strong genetic strain I can have a solid base to move forward with.. crazy confused after a ton of reading...
  2. They are a good bank and are my usual place to buy. What sort of strain were you looking for? Indica or Sativa? Are you growing indoors or out?
    More info = better answer.
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    Im actually not possitive if I know enough to say indica or sativa yet. All the reading in the world really doenst mesure up to experience? Thats why im turning to the pros, you guys. I need something that has strong genetics, my last crop which was my first grow I had one turn hermie. They were fresh seeds but not feminized nor bought online. I use it medicinally for anxiety for 10yrs now and think im turning to the Indica dominant strain. strong genes and shortest flower period possible. Not worried bout yeild at all. just love horticulture and growing. Personal thing too. Im indoors under a 600watt hid.My sytem is a 6 pot recirculating dwc, 3 drippers and 2-3"airstones per pot. My Co2 is about 1200 average. Temp about 76* and RH 52%. Pretty good conditions I hope. ..... (rhino seeds) any good? looking at them also. SAFE and reliable?.hoping to purchase tonight or tomorrow latest..
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    Conditions all sound good. I would have a look at either Mazar or Aurora Indica or AK47 from I have grown their AK and imho it stacks up very well against the serious original, plus it is a fraction of the price.
    Never used Rhino seeds and don't know anyone that has. Seem to be a bit small time as there aren't that many reviews on them.
    I would stick with if you want cheap and reliable or use Attitude or Herbies if you want named brand.
  5. Thanks so much for the heads up. Sounds good and I'll keep ya posted when there here..
  6. I bought some lowryder 2 and some ak47

    Lowryder all female seeds cheapest place I found that would ship to Australia all grew great so far 5 weeks in

    Ak47 all female also only sprouted one atm not enough grow room with my current set up but will keep posted on the rest

    I was also extremely impressed with the stealth shipping and would recommend this to anyone who has to pass through customs, seeds took 6 working days to arrive in Australia.
    Overall great experience but I've only bought seeds once and choose them as for having the best most recent reviews I could find
    Bought seeds in June 2012
    Good Luck and happy growing!
  7. Yo dude! so I recently ordered and received 2 shipments from separate banks: M-S.NL and Attitude. I ordered them maybe 2-3 days apart ( first). I went ahead and got the attitude seeds for some kinda...eyebrow raising things before (I may just be a little picky).

    M-S.NL def got here much quicker, taking only like 8 days I believe (to get to Maryland). It came in some super gay, super tight, super "Euro" boxers with a British flag on it (don't know if it was an "F you American!!" to me, or them just telling me they're gay UK dudes, but thats neither here nor there lol). Lol but it got here quick and safe!
    I got the AutoAK buy 5, get 5 free deal and the "mixed Fem" 10 pack (plus the 3 free black Doms). I already have a couple plants going, so I only germed 3 (2 ak, 1 fem.), all of which germed no problem. They've all popped and look healthy thusfar, but are only about 1.5 weeks old.

    So all of that sounds fine right? Cuz it is, at least right now (we'll see how the genetics look soon!) And Attitude took almost 3 weeks, which definitely is a downside if you want to get going asap.
    But my issues with msnl are all smaller, less important ones, but they kinda make me lose faith.
    For starters, there are apparently a couple accounts used by the company to write on peoples forums, giving nothing but positive reviews. So now I am a little reluctant to believe most positive posts. Take for example this DeafGeoff guy, if you look through his posts I bet like half will be trying to inflate's reputation. I mean I'm sure alot of companies do this to an extent, but this bank kinda caught my eye. It just comes off as a little bit shameless and desperate looking ya know, but I guess advertising isn't easy when it comes to illegal shit lol.

    The other thing thats maybe not such a huge deal, but weird, is just how basic their site is. If you look at attitude's site and look at theirs, MSNL just looks ghetto. Attitude gives you all the basic info you could want on ALL of their strains (some strains have like 5 paragraph descriptions lol), and perhaps more importantly, it tells you who produced the seeds so you can find more info yourself. I think this is pretty important cuz there are strains which will have the same name, but could actually be a different cross. You dont want any strains youre not prepared for! So you may be paying a tiny bit more with these guys, but you are GUARANTEED that they come from legit breeders (you can even have them sent in their original breeder packs).

    Idk, they both got here safely and I have no real issues with either, but if you just browse the two sites you'll see what I mean. Like I wanted to buy one of the better strains (Liberty Haze), and through Attitude I know that I will get it from the actual breeders that won the CannaCup recently with that exact strain.
    But yeah, kinda rambled there, but lemme know if you have any questions

    PS I haven't germed any of the attitude seeds yet, but I've heard they should be fine. Unless I have a like 50% germ rate, im just sticking with attitude
  8. Thanks alot for the info , I pretty much decided on the tude after a while myself and still havnt ordered anything. Im all set just not sure how im gonna pay. Super nervous. Too much to lose in life over a couple fn seeds but the more I read I "think", its safe enough as long as I dont send it to my home or and use a fake email. Did you pay with your own debit or cc? After what you had to say I feel much better about what Im gettin and where. Thanks man.....
  9. believe me dude, I was feeling the same way as you are a couple weeks ago when i ordered my first batches. I was nervous, but once you're on those sites, I've realized its hard not to really want something lol. So i ended up just saying f it and paid with credit card, and even used my own email (secondary email, but still registered in my name or whatever) and house address. Tude does payments through some paypal-esque type site (it basically appears as you're giving a cash gift or maybe donating). MS.NL is actually more discreet when it comes to cards if thats your biggest concern, they have like front companies so even someone scanning your bank statements wouldn't see it.

    But here's my point of view (everything may not be 100% accurate cuz I'm not like DEA or a lawyer or anything, but just hear me out):
    First of all, I think in the US we have a lottttttt of laws/regulations that protect our privacy. Like unless given an explicit reason (other than random searches i guess), the law/companies/gov isn't really supposed to be looking through your shit, whether its packages or bank accounts. So unless you're some druglord up in the city so nice they named it twice lol, I don't think you'd have enough heat on you for police to go through the process of getting a warrant, or even taking the time to go bust you.

    The second point is about the shipping, address, etc, but related to what i said above. Like I said, they usually need an actual reason thats beyond just some slight suspicion to search your packages. And thats where the seedbanks come in with their super slick shipping, which usually have like layers of security (i.e. it'll be a very plain-looking package. If customs opens that, then they'd have to be suspicious enough to open whatever item your seeds are hidden in, which can sometimes be really tricky.) If these guys are super-persistent though, then yeah they'll probs end up finding your shit eventually.
    The tight part is, even if they do search it and find the seeds, they'll usually just confiscate it and notify/tell you to stop. If you get the pricier shipping (I think its called "guaranteed shipping"), I believe attitude will resend the seeds, or at least help you out somehow. I paid the extra dough, it was like 15 gbp (almost $25), which sucks if you're not trying to spend too much. But with that shipping they also give you a "free" t shirt lol, so I figured international shipping + a shirt for $25 isn't too absurd honestly.

    So basically what I'm saying is that I think almost all seeds will get to you in the US safely and without anyone noticing. And of the unsuccessful shipments, I'm sure a vast majority are just confiscations with no follow-up of any type whatsoever. Nothing to like come busting your door down over.

    But what strains were you thinking of getting?

    And by the way, before checkout, make sure to google the discount code for them. A couple weeks ago it was 420 and that saved me like $8-$9. Not sure if there's always a promo code available, but worth checking
  10. yeah I pretty much agree, only the shipping is goin to a house next to a friend thats been empty for a few months now. I really hope it fn works. Anyway, im looking at the iced grapefruit from attitude along with reserva privida og kush. looking for something else to try thats ass cheap just to try something new.....think im placin the order tonight. latest tomorrow if I puss out cause im too baked or something. im getting the wallet for 10 bones wit the gurant. shipping. just looking at all the fem seeds and its frikkin nuts how much there is..

  11. First of all, use your head. Yes it is quite possible for the feds to place an order from any seed bank to get a look at their shipping methods, but given that most banks have more than one shipping method lets not help them out by disclosing exactly what to look for. If they are sending them using that method then what the fuck are you complaining about, they arrived didn't they and by the sound of it, they got there fast and in good condition. Even if they were making any kind of statement, which I am sure they are not, then so what! leave your bigotry in your bedroom and stop making comments like that. THINK about the thing they have sent you, is something like that likely to get stopped on route, no.

    As for my post about this company, if you actually read any of the information i wrote in some of the threads I write in you will see that i am writing from experience of multiple order from MULTIPLE banks and breeders. Yes i order from more than any other bank at the moment but that is down to a lot of different factors. I order from Attitude and Herbies Headshop among others but as cost is an important factor coupled with the fact i have enough knowledge to select genes and phenos that I want to work with from hands on growing, i do not need to pay through the nose just to buy seeds from Barneys because they won the cannabis cup a few times in the last few years. If you had spent any real time growing and doing your research you would know that the Cannabis cup counts for JACK but of course not as you are still swapping old copies of high times with the other hipsters in high school.

    Finally you are bleating on about how great attitude is but you havn't even tried to germinate the seeds from them yet, what sort of comparison is that?

    Go home spend some time growing up and come back when you have learnt some respect for people who have a genuine interest in trying to be helpful and have considerably more knowledge and experience than you.
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  12. Wow those must b some amazing plants your growing cause that was the weirdest most confusing post ever.. Actually made me laugh for first time in a few days. Thanks for makin me think about a diff. Lifestyle. Wouldn't want the same to happen to me. Later cupcake
  13. Yes it is - thank you for noticing.

  14. It sounds to me like what your saying is that you've never had a problem with, the seeds made it to you without getting caught, they arrived quicker than Attitude and yet your recommending the tude as the best place to buy seeds from?

    Looks to me like you're hijacking the thread to promote the tude!!!! You didn't even answer the question dude, you sure you aint working for the tude!!!! Haha :wave:

  15. He must just still be pissed that they sent his seeds in some "gay boxers" :rolleyes:

    I order my seeds from marijuana-seeds dot nl and they delievered to the east coast US in about 2 weeks. It came discreetly shipped, ordered 30+ seeds from them recently, no issues at all. They are an excellent value, and I am using their seeds in my 2 current grows in my sig.

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    Thanks allot for the info , I pretty much decided on the tude after a while myself and still havnt ordered anything. Im all set just not sure how im gonna pay. Super nervous.

  17. Thanks for bringing this old thread back to life, i have forgotten what a douche that guy was. 14 posts, mainly bullshit and then gone,  GC is better off without him.
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