Best fast food?

Discussion in 'General' started by oncloudnine, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Where is your favorite fast food restaurant and what do you like to get there?
  2. Taco bell $2 gets you a burrito chips and a drink, best value.
    Best tasting fast food gotta be Zaxby's though.
  3. El burrito Jr. In redondo beach California. It's really cheap and whatever you get It's going to taste great cause it's made with lard. Im in Ohio right now, even with the amphetamines in me I would mow like theres no tomorrow
  4. Taco bell then KFC then McDonalds
  5. Don't eat that shit man. Closest thing to fast food I like is between subway and chipotle (obviously with exceptions as to what I choose).
  6. Taco John's! A six pack of burritos and a pound of tater tots.
  7. Eddie rockets :D
    If any of you come here, you have to try eddie rockets

    their garlic fries are the nicest shit ever :D


    My favourite fast food place, Taco Bell hasn't opened in ireland yet :( we have a mcdonalds or burger king on every street but no taco bell :crying:
  8. i dont do fast food anymore...

    i used to get down on some wendys back in the day though... those burgers are pretty good.
  9. Chipotle, the only fast food I'll eat.
  10. Chipotle is my dig!
  11. No more fast food for me anymore either, a&w's rocks tho
  12. Now Chick-fil-A fans? That place is damn good imo. Gotta love Florida fastfood.

  13. if i still lived in CA you know id be eating a fucking double-double w/ grilled onions right now from In-n-Out but since i dont i have to settle for a bigmac
  14. [​IMG]



    Easy place to go to high - don't get out of your car, talk to a little box, and someone on roller skates brings out your food...
  15. Burger king is the only fast food I eat but that shit still gives me a stomach ach
  16. Burger King

    [ame=]Robot Chicken: Spend Your Nights with the King - YouTube[/ame]
  17. Dang there's a lot more taco bell fans than i would have thought. Personally I love chic fil a, and it's thr closest place to my house. But why in god's name are they closed on sundays??
    Edit: No pun intended
  18. the past week, i've been ordering 1 crunchy taco, a potato crisp soft taco, a large mountain dew and a cheesy nacho for my lunch and i haven't gotten tired of it

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