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Best eye drops

Discussion in 'General' started by awesome-o, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. when it comes to red eyes, there are quite a few options to keep it on the DL. my favorite is rohto. i'm new to the forum so i dont know if thats the pot standard. i like the cool burning sensation like chewing dentyne ice.

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  2. Yeah I like the feeling too, kinda wakes your eyes up. One gripe I have is that they take more than 5 minutes to be completely white. But they work the best.
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    When I used to get red eyes I would always use 'clear eyes'.

    Mainly because Ben Stein was their spokesman.

  4. my eyes dont get red anymore... but when they do, or get bothered from other stuff... i use rohto ice (the blue bottle).. shit is intense but awesome :metal:
  5. I always just used Visine. But using eye drops to often can be bad for your eyes depending on what brand I guess. You only want to use them for high risk situations.
  6. I've seen a thread on this before, someone talked about how Rohtos are bad for your eyes? Idk Ill try to look it up when I have time, but I also us Rohtos and they have never failed me yet. I usually use the Green bottle ones, but I use the blue occasionaly, and it def. makes my eyes tingle more.
  7. red eyes from allergy and and shit, use this...

  8. sliver rhotos for me :wave:
  9. i dont use drops on a regular basis, let alone enough to BUY some..

    However, in my experience the best results DEF. come from the RHOTO.:smoke::smoke:
  10. Do you smoke weed?

    There's a Visine for that.


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