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Best eye drops for red eyes

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Anclerson, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. My current stash gets my eyes very red. What's the best fix other than ceasing on the toke? Visine? I've heard it's bad but wanted the blades take...
  2. visine works. rhotos work the fastest I think. feel pretty good. but they are really bad if you're using them often. avoid at all costs
  3. I heard eye drops are bad for your eyes. I just wear shades to solve the problem, haha.
  4. Anything is bad if you use them too much.

    I don't use eyedrops, there are many reasons ones eyes would be red.

    Eye drops do not take away the glossy look from your eyes, which is a real clue that your high on something
  5. It sucks when you get extremely high but your eyes are burning so bad you need eyedrops. Eyedrops kind of kill your high. But I suggest visine, they've always worked perfect for me.
  6. So high your eyes burn?

    Eye drops kill your high?
  7. rhotos. you know theyre working good when you drop some in your eye and it stings for a few seconds. clear eyes also makes your eyes white as hell; and seems to be less glossy than the rhotos.
  8. Alright I'm going to try the Rohtos. These look like they will do the trick.
  9. put eyedrops in before you smoke so they dont kill your high at all. they stay white. clear eyes are what i use. they work real well. they just take a minute to kick in
  10. Visine maximum redness relief always use them before I go to work stoned never been caught
  11. I will prb try those out if Rohtos don't do the trick.
  12. Rohtos Rohtos Rohtos Rohtos Rohtos Rohtos Rohtos Rohtos
  13. Rohtos all day !
  14. RHOTO's, duh. The blue ones are the best.
  15. arctic or ice?

  16. I'm prone to red eyes, and badly. I mean, if I smoke too much my eyes will get super red and they burn like hell. Know why your eyes get red? Blood vessels expanding. Blood is 98 degrees, that's hot. Especially when there's a shit ton of hot blood coarsing through your eyes, it burns. Therefore, eye drops are necessary sometimes.

    Unfortuantely, they do partly kill your high because one of the best things about being high on headies are the trippy visuals, but eyedrops generally bring your visuals back to normal. Sucks.
  17. I dont like rhotos but i like using drops always have them when im smoking. Makes me feel normal like im high but no one i talked to my advisor and dean after smoking a blunt.
  18. Visine red eye advanced cool or gtfo
  19. What is this talk about eye drops killing your high? I use eye drops all the time and I've never experienced this.

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