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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by killerbudz47, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. So what if hypothetically speaking of course you built a stealth room and theres a possibility of rents findin out. Whats the best excuse for a room which had venting, hooks, but no plants. And they dont know you smoke.

    Im just saying... it could happen. do you say its a biological experiment or just growing fruit for your next cooking show.

    ya im fucked, hypothetically of course.
  2. hypothetically, you shouldnt grow in your parent's house without their permission.

    so hypothetically, you dont have a problem
  3. i agree with amoril.
    but just tell them the truth...shit i told my parents that i smoked and id rather grow my own than buy from some shady dealer...took them a month to debate on it but they let me grow one soil plant. i dont know if your rents would be as leniant as mine but shit anything is worth a try. just gotta tell them your smoking for the right reasons....and your not selling the shit you grow. once i grew my plant i grew another soil plant and thats how i got into im trying to do hydro. wow i just babbled on there like an idiot.
  4. tell em its is your BDSM dungeon .. toss in a gimp mask, and misc. latex, and wet leather .. They'll buy it ;)
  5. lololoolol
  6. How do think my teeth got like this? :rolleyes:
  7. I can't believe that you actually thought you could grow without them finding out. Even a "stealth grow" is not really stealth to the people living in the home.

    Tell the truth, and take your medicine like a big boy. Maybe they won't kick you out of their home. Good luck.
  8. ^^ quoting for the truth. this is your answer OP...parents are not as ignorant as their 18 (perhaps 15 or 16 in this case?) year old kid thinks.
  9. If you're parents find a system like that, there's no way around it. The only way to grow without anyone in the house knowing is having a confined growing space. You could maybe do it in a cardboard box in your closet with a fan to circulate air. The box wouldn't let much light escape but you would be limited to 4-5 plants.

    If you're living with your parents, I'd suggest growing outside. If that isn't a possibility at all and you want to grow in the off seasons, make a micro grow.

    Personally I never grew herb when I lived with my parents. They weren't too upset that I smoked but they wouldn't have wanted me to grow. So out of respect for them I just waited til I had my own place, and it was well worth the wait. :)
  10. Yea that is shady to grow under parents house

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