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Best edible form for consistent, precise dosing

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by q45, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. Hi, after smoking for decades, I've recently started experimenting with edibles, and to my surprise, find I generally prefer them. However, as we all know, dosing is tricky. I've found I like to dose very much on the light side, taking a half or a quarter of what other people consider a single-dose gummy. This gives me a light, manageable euphoria perfect for dancing and socializing. (If I really want to get ripped, I still prefer smoking.)

    I'm wondering if I'm better off using oil or tincture, rather than dividing gummies. And if so, which would be best? I understand that there may be some difference in the experience with tinctures vs oils. (Does sublingual absorption with a tincture still lead to 11-Hydroxy-THC?)
  2. If you keep one important fact in mind, then edible making becomes much easier and more efficient.
    That fact is that after decarb (240 F for 40 min with a thermometer works well), the herb is as potent as it will ever be. Grinding the decarbed herb to powder allows us to take easy advantage of this maximum potency herb:
    (1) Mix it into the oil of any recipe, and bake. Additional heat does slowly degrade thc.
    (2) Mix it into nut butter or nutella, and use.

    Keep in mind that each gram of 15% thc herb will yield 150 mg thc.
    Either of these things will be about twice as potent as making stained oil/butter first, but there will be slight herb taste.

    190 proof ethanol tincture is also excellent, but more difficult to make.
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  3. BadKats CannaPharm: Medical Grade Oil, Cannabis Capsules, UV GLOWING Hash Candy, Canna Bombs more
    Badkat has done all the work for us and I've stripped it down as far as possible on my much shorter threads.
    Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads
    Same basic process working with plain weed or concentrates like hash.
    Hash Master 5000 - Dry Ice Method, Hash Oil Capsules, Everclear Tincture
    Decarb first. 240 F for 40 minutes.
    The basic ratio is
    5 grams hash (weed is fine just powder it after decarbing)
    2.5 teaspoons oil (Coconut is my choice)
    .5 teaspoon Lecithin. (Soy or Sunflower, Powder, Granules, Liquid, Doesn't matter)
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes
    I make this same ratio time after time and my dosing never changes.
    Capsules, an eyedropper, my Coffee mug heater to keep things hot enough to flow.
    A small stainless steel cat food dish fits just right and moves from toaster oven to freezer and back without shattering like my first ceramic dish did.
    I'd say it's a great way to medicate as I'm well into the 20,000 capsule realm now.
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  4. After you've made your first batch of oil you still have to dial in your personal dose.
    This is best done by making a mess of 1 drop capsules and spending a day finding your happy place.
    1/2 of 1 drop is my wifes sweet spot. (I have to thin it with extra plain oil for her)
    I need in the 200 drop range ( each cap holds 25 drops )
    Take a single drop cap and wait 2 hours. If no buzz take another drop. Continue adding more every 2 hours until you feel it. Now you have a base line starting point for both your oil and your tolerance to it.
    Continue to experiment with additional dosing until you find that scary place and meet GOD ! . :)
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  5. Ive been trying to figure put dosage on my rso oil and have been chopping people heads off with about a grain of rice size is this normal
  6. Ps it was scary i went to sleep and woke up stoned
  7. Yes and yes.
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  8. RSO is much too difficult to use because of the sticky texture.
    Add some oil to make it easier to use.
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  9. Or use a syringe to pop out little doses on parchment paper and freeze them. Take them out of the freezer and swallow like a tiny pill. You can pop little doses in gel caps as well.
  10. Definitely pills. I just made them yesterday for the first time and am blown away.

    Decarb your dabs in a 240-250f oil bath in a measuring cup or jar until it stops bubbling. Mine took 15 minutes. Added a quarter cup of coconut oil (roughly 60mg.) Wait until it cools pff before you fill the caps. Flled 67 pills at about 20mg a pill assuming the dabs were 70%. I posted a thread in this sub a few days ago. BHO MCT oil if you want to see some pics. If I can do it and not fuck it up (which I do frequently) anyone can do it.
  11. Thanks everyone, this is all great info! To confirm my secondary question, is there no difference between eating and holding tincture/oil under the tongue? I'm particularly curious if sublingual absorption still result in 11-Hydroxy-THC.
  12. My experience, not based on science, is that about 10% of the tincture will actually be absorbed in the mouth, and the rest in the gut.
    But that 10% can pack a quick wallop, because it gets straight into the blood stream.
  13. Good to know, thanks. So you'll feel a immediate, partial effect, and than after some time a fuller one?
  14. Yes
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