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Best/easiest method of concentration/edible with bunch of low flowered mids?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WeaveAndWish, Apr 21, 2015.

  1. I got about a half of some homegrown bud from my hometown, problem is it's clearly not fully flowered and it's a lot of leaf, more so than actual bud in the 'buds'
    But, it still gets you high with enough but it's not worth it to me to smoke it like this. However, if I can get it to a concentrate or an edible, even for less I'd be able to at least get really high a few times from it. 

    I know there are tons of ways to make concentrates, extracts, etc. And i've really only made firecrackers as edibles but they rarely work :/
    Anyway, I'm curious as the best, easiest method to convert this bud to something more potent. I don't want it to be a big job because the bud isn't the greatest and I don't expect much yield
  2. Also, the most efficient method would also be a plus. 
  3. Look up a good cannabutter/brownie recipe 
  4. Search Hashmouf's homemade hash guide. Qwiso is probably the best bet. It's easy, quick (well evap can take a while, but it's idle time).
    Yeah, i decided to make cannabutter out of it. But I've on the fence of what fat I should use. I looked around and I have two types of stick butter, Imperial and Blue bonnet. But apparently the imperial is a margarine or something. Not sure about blue bonnet.

    BUT. I found coconut oil. Do you think coconut oil would work best?
  6. I know a lot of people that love using coconut oil, I have not tried it yet. 

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