best drying conditions?

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  1. Once your buds are trimmed and and hanging to dry, what are the best conditions in your drying room besides darkness? humidity?temp?airflow?fresh air or just air circulation?

  2. go read the stickies
  3. Sorry didnt have that much time to read at the time. Was thinking maybe someone could help me out.
  4. The stickies will give you more complete and detailed info than a member will, because no member wants to type that much.
  5. Ok, read the stickies and most of my questions were answered thanks. One thing im still not to sure about. When drying i understand you need ventilation and circulation but if you can control temp/humidity without ventilation (ac/heater/humidifier/dehumidifier) is it necessary?Why?Do buds still need low levels of co2 or just circulation?

  6. CO2 is only used by the plant while it's growing, your plants are now all dead(harvested).... the main thing is air circulation and a humidity of 40-50%, this will help prevent mold growth and it will dry your buds.

    But, if you aren't pulling in fresh air, you should be fine with just filtering the air, or else when you open the door to that room it'll be like someone dropped a green nuke in your house :p
  7. Thanks again man.. When you say filtering the air that was only for oder purposes right?
  8. Yup, and trust me you'll need it... Drying out buds can cause almost just as much smell as growing them, if not more....... But, I guess it *could* possibly take out "bad" things out of the air.... dust, possibly mold..... But if your drying room is clean to begin with, then those shouldn't be in there in the first place
  9. drying soon, have a pro-filter on a 4 inch fan going out the room, is that enough to take care of the humidity, its a big room, and i have these hanging drying baskets but it seems like everyone hangs there stems suspended upside down, is it ok for me to lay them on their sides in these mesh baskets I have or is there some reason they are hug upside down?
  10. the plant is NOT dead its still alive that why your drying it :smoking:

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